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A Week in the Hub

Thursday, September 6, 2018

 A group of children quietly listening to instructions from their teacher in one corner, another group of kids thoughtfully following a read-aloud picture book, in another corner, yet another group drawing a creative inspiration; this is the new norm in the ICS Grade 4 Hub.

The entire room projects a home and work environment. With 66 students, and 9 educators, the Hub is proving to be a quite productive and engaging learning environment for our grade 4 students.

The grade 4 Hub space is large and divided into several areas including connected spaces, separate rooms. For David “Cal” Callaway,  elementary school Co-Principal, “The Hub is about optimization of resources and a collective teacher approach to supporting students. It is also about student choice in which students are given ownership over their learning.”

The grade 4 community, students and educators alike, had a wonderful first week of school. It is evident that there was a great deal of exploration and adventure as they learned to adapt to their unique learning environment.

   “The first week of school was dedicated to students getting used to their environment,” says Ato Elias Negatu, an educator in the Hub. On top of the common instructions on routines, students were also familiarizing themselves about the unique Hub expectations like quiet transitions and effective sharing of spaces. The ICS Way of taking care of oneself, of others, and of this place was deeply embedded in the learning throughout the first week of school.

  "Really, grade 4 hasn’t changed much at ICS. Students still meet all core curriculum standards, we still use the PYP framework, the students still have all their specials.  The difference is that the environment gives us more flexibility to meet the personalized needs of each student. Same teachers, same curriculum, just more personalized,” Dr. Tim Stuart, Head of School

Student Reflections

I used to think grade 4 would be very crowded. Now I think grade 4 teachers are managing everything nicely. (Tvarita)

I used to think that the hub might not work out. But now, I know it is great. (Sayat)