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Week in Activities and Athletics

Friday, August 21, 2015

Athletic News

It was an amazing first week in all U19 and U14 sports this week. Great turn-outs, and fabulous attitudes and efforts have been very much apparent and our young eagles have started with a bang regardless of what the weather threw at them. U19 teams are being formulated for the international competitions ahead while the U14's are very much pre-season while we wait for the local schools in our league to open. It has been really good too to see so many of our new students having a go also and this will only benefit their transition here at ICS.

U12 sports are still two weeks away from their season start, but judging by the amount of registrations taking place, we have good numbers and the session will begin 31 August.


At time of print, elementary sign up seemed to go very well. Thank you all for your patience with this and the few glitches with passwords that occurred. Our elementary lab was busy with eager community members and some activities filled up very quickly as we had thought it would. Hopefully, everyone who wanted to be in an activity was able to find one of their first or second choices. Please remember, popular activities will be repeated in season 2 and 3 so a wait list will be been drawn up and your child will be placed on this if a failed attempt occurred due to the activity being full.

High school sign up is also open at this time. Middle school has had to wait a while until laptops were distributed and their sign up will begin as soon as that occurs next week.



As you may be aware or are seeing, ICS has some of the best facilities in the city. Upholding that community part of the school name means that some of these are available for parents to use for their own wellness. Tennis courts and the track are available for use when not being used for our students’ educational programs for example, and we are delighted to see these being used already. Each of these venue's has some rules of course reference use, sign-up, direction, lane use and we ask that these are read and adhered to by all.

Track use is really best utilized by parents before 8:00 AM and after 5:15 PM otherwise you may have to step off as a class is using this space. Our track and cross country teams will always be out there between 3:30 – 5:15 PM weekdays except Wednesday's and Saturday mornings up to 2:00 PM they could be using that facility. They will have exclusive use of this facility as does PE class when they move out there as I'm sure you understand. 

All our fields continue to be off limits right now as they are so sodden, but even when dry; the main field is reserved and always off limits to non-scheduled play on it in order to protect its quality. Thank you for understanding and support of these rules that are in place to assist safety, usage and programs and not to inconvenience unnecessarily.



Thank you to the following families who have already stepped up and volunteered to host some of our 200 guests who will be here for the track and field meet. The Varhola, Cohen, Cullen, Ndoho, Badani, Francom, Nielsen and Nasreddin families have taken our number needed down to 178!

I would like to introduce our new hosting co-coordinator, Ms Marie De Peyrecave, who will be working alongside Ms Selam Mussie and who will be contacting many of you to achieve our goal of zero beds by the end of September. Please make her role easier by contacting Ms Marie via email to let her know how you can help.

Many of your children have enjoyed their trips and were hosted last year or will be hosted later on this year on future ones, and this is a crucial component of ICS been a member of ISSEA. It also doesn't matter if your children don't go on any trips this year either. This is a big community event and if you have room and can host two or more athletes for four nights from 7 – 11 October, we would really appreciate it.