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Tech Talk

Thursday, November 3, 2016

TECH TALK, John Iglar, Director of Educational Technology

Girls CAN: getting girls involved in technology

In the interest in getting more girls at ICS involved in technology and robotics, we’re holding a special girls-only technology day on Saturday, 5 November from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM in the Makerspace/Robotics Lab in the secondary block. The day will start at 9:00 AM with an introduction and motivational talks, and we’ll have multiple workshops on robotics, 3D printing, 2D design & cutting, and computer programming. We’ll have lunch and wrap up the day with some prizes and games. We’re hoping to have a good turnout that we can then turn into an all-girls technology/robotics team!

I’m writing more about the importance of girls’ participation in technology on my ICS blog. Please have a look!