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Tech Talk

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Director of Technology, John Iglar

my ICS blog.

Open House: Makerspace and Robotics Lab

Thanks to the success of last year’s Annual Fund, we are delighted to have transformed our old secondary school Computer Lab into a Makerspace and Robotics Lab! S021 will be a hub for students and teachers to create awesome projects using technology. We’re going to have an Open House for all ICS community members this Saturday, 3 September, from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (noon). Come see what’s going on in the space.


We have expanded our equipment that can be used in all grade levels. We have robots designed for young children, kits for middle school students to build and program, and equipment for high school students to work on. We’re running ASAs for both middle and high school students, letting students design, build and program robots and training our students to compete at the ISSEA STEM competition to be held in Mozambique next April. We’re going to be scheduling time for elementary school students to use robots to play and learn design, engineering and programming skills in the Robotics Lab as well as in their own classrooms.

Read more about our robotics equipment and see some photographs on my school blog.

3D Printing

We’ve purchased and set up a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer as well as a Digitizer 3D scanner. With this equipment, students and teachers can fabricate 3D models that they create themselves, scans of real-life objects, or models downloaded from the web. There are many learning opportunities that come from holding and manipulating real objects rather than digital models on a computer screen. Read about some of our first printing tests on my school blog.

Laser Cutting

With a top-notch laser cutter as well as a physical-blade vinyl cutter, students and teachers can create designs using graphic software and then make these a reality by cutting into vinyl, or cutting or engraving wood, plastic or even metal. Read about some of our first cutting tests on my school blog.

Imagine. Design. Create.

The purpose of the Makerspace/Robotics Lab is to provide tools, space and opportunity for students and teachers to be creative and bring the products of their imagination to life. The only limit is our imagination!