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The Talking Head

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Melkem Meskel

ICS Addis celebrates Meskel every year, and all parents are invited to join us on the field on Friday, 23 September. We will have traditional dancers and chanters from St. Gabriel and our own Ethiopian staff will be dancing, singing and lighting the demera to see where it falls. There will also be a traditional coffee ceremony that parents are invited to enjoy. Wear your habesha lebs! Parents will be directed to areas where they can see the excitement, and are reminded that some of our singers and dancers will hope to be rewarded with 100 or 200 birr…bring some bills with you to be prepared!

It’s Recruiting Season Again…and YOU Can Help!

International schools around the globe are gearing up now for teacher recruitment for next school year. Some ICS teachers are moving on for personal or professional reasons. We have some resignations from current teachers, and are already advertising the openings on our web site and other external recruiting sites. Local candidates with a degree, teaching license and several years of teaching experience in international schools are invited to apply.

Many of our families have joined us from other good public or international schools. If your children had really effective teachers you think might be a good match for ICS Addis, tell those teachers to explore our website and to apply to our school through our employment portal. Then, make sure you follow up by sending an email to me or to one of our principals. We can’t promise there will be a good match, but we will certainly consider your recommendations.

Safety in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia

On Monday and Tuesday, the High School Counselor Grade 11/12 and I spoke with all our Grade 11 students regarding their perceptions of safety in Addis Ababa.  We answered questions about the school’s planning and preparations for emergency situations, the cancellation of WWW trips, and other related issues. There seems to be a low level of concern amongst our students about the potential for violence to escalate, but some students are more anxious than others. Some students have more personal knowledge of or even direct experiences with some of the problems that are affecting various regions or towns in Ethiopia.

If your child is anxious about the potential for trouble or disruption to your family life or to the school year, our counselors are safe and confidential resources. Please let our counselors know if they can help in any way.

Our Chief Safety and Security Officer, Ato Hailu Kassaye, is in regular contact with Federal Police and other security offices in Addis and around Ethiopia. You are welcome to ask Ato Hailu for advice about traveling to Debre Zeit, Hawassa, Lalibela or other locations in Ethiopia this weekend or in the coming weeks and months.