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The Talking Head

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Teachers are Superheroes!

Many cultures celebrate teachers at some point in the school year. In the USA, Teacher Appreciation Week is 8–12 May. We believe our teachers are great—even superheroes! Every day, teachers are thinking about YOUR children, and they work hard to ensure that all of their students are learning.

Please take time this week to thank your children’s teachers. It doesn’t have to be a gift on the desk to make a teacher feel appreciated. A personal greeting and thank you on the sidewalk, a quick email note or even a card can go a long way to giving a teacher fresh energy. The end of the year can be very, very busy, and knowing that parents notice and care is a BIG boost to teachers.


A Super Spring Festival!

The rain held off, the weather was cool and everyone who came out for our annual Spring Festival had a great time! More than 1,000 community members—including 200 student performers and volunteers—enjoyed music, food and fun last Saturday. Student bands and choirs were joined by two professional bands. One of the bands was sponsored by an ICS parent, so we say THANKS! There were eight food vendors, a Farmers Market, and an Autism Awareness campaign. The student-led Blood Drive netted 57 pints of life-giving blood for the Ethiopian Blood Bank!

The Spring Festival is not a fund raiser, but a community-building event for families. Nevertheless, this event raised about 50,000 birr that will be added to the Scholarship Endowment, and the High School Student Council also raised money for their service activities. Our corporate sponsors included Yes Water, Coca Cola, BGI and the Hilton Hotel.

Thank you to Diana M, Karin S, Courtney M and Sara N for their time and efforts to organize the day and for all the volunteers, teachers and staff members who worked on the day to make this community event special and successful.