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The Talking Head

Thursday, April 20, 2017


This morning’s “walk of fame” and opening ceremony were raucous, loud fun, and the ISSEA soccer tournament has begun! Be sure to come out with your children to enjoy a few games on Saturday! The enthusiasm and spirit of this ISSEA weekend might just inspire your children to play on a varsity team when they’re older.

Thank you to the 75 families who are hosting our visiting athletes! 150 varsity boys and girls require a lot of beds and food. Staying with host families is part of the ISSEA experience, and we appreciate your care for our visiting players.

Go Eagles!!

Meet the Incoming Head of School Next Week

Our incoming Head of School will be on campus next week, and parents have a special opportunity to meet him. Join Dr. Tim Stuart and his wife Mona Stuart, at the Community Commons on Wednesday 26 April at 8:00 AM for a special Parent Coffee morning. To be sure the Stuarts experience an enthusiastic Ethiopian welcome, some of our families are hosting an Ethiopian breakfast that you won’t want to miss. Put this coffee morning on your calendar and help us welcome Tim and Mona!