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The Talking Head

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Updated Campus Access Policy

Please be sure to read our updated campus access policy this week. We realize that there are few other parks or play spaces for children or families in Addis Ababa, and we do like to accommodate the community’s needs. However, safety, supervision (by parents or other mindful guardians) and our own program’s priorities are critical.

Based on our policy, we will restrict family and student activities. During the school day or in our own supervised activities, school staff are responsible and know what our expectations are. The campus access policy reminds all of us of the care and consideration that are required at other times too, by students and parents alike. Thank you for your cooperation.

Budgeting and Fees at ICS Addis

The Board of Governors has approved our budget for the 2017–18 school year. I will be sending out a special letter to all parents tomorrow (Friday 10 March). The letter describes the processes used by the administration and the Board of Governors to determine annual budgets, tuition and other fees at ICS. School fees for next year will be included in my letter.

Re-enrollment for next school year will begin when we return from the March holiday break.