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The Talking Head

Thursday, December 15, 2016

‘Tis the Season to Reflect

The end of a season or a semester is always a good time to pause, to assess and to reflect. To think about next steps.

At ICS Addis we enjoy many performances at the end of the semester. Judging from the sizes of these concerts and shows, almost all ICS students were on stage at least once. And, judging from the sizes of the audiences, most of our parent community enjoyed them too. The band and choir ensembles, the elementary concerts (including one tonight), the Coffee House, the drama performances by middle and high school thespians have all been well attended and greatly enjoyed. The musicality, the enthusiasm, the choices of songs, the set ups, the quality of the sound production have all been top notch.

These performances really help us build community. I watched our grade 11 boys clap and cheer enthusiastically for a grade six girl singing karaoke-style at the Coffee House and I thought "Wow! We really ARE a community!" 

We have much to be thankful for in this community. Students are learning and growing, as measured by the standardized tests we use. They are taking chances and shining on stage. They are building team spirit and skill on our fields and courts. They are coding and making with creative, collaborative tools that we as parents never had the chance to learn with. They are serving others in the school or beyond the walls of the school, in ways too numerous to list, from early childhood to grade 12.

Enjoy your holiday break, and recharge your batteries for the New Year, the next semester. Travel safely, enjoy a much-needed break, and join us on 9 January (Monday) for the first day of school in the New Year!

Campus Access During the Holiday

We always take care of important maintenance during the holiday breaks. You will need your ICS ID card to enter the campus as usual. Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation.