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The Talking Head

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Giving Thanks…

Last week was the US holiday of Thanksgiving, and we at ICS Addis certainly have a lot to be thankful for. On Thursday, while ICS students and families enjoyed a long weekend, our professional staff kept very busy with curriculum work and other tasks that require time together to complete.

For lunch, to honor the spirit of Thanksgiving, the leadership team and I said thank you to our teachers and teaching assistants with a BBQ. In the USA, we make jokes about the choice between “going to college or learning to flip burgers.” On Thursday it was a privilege to be able to tell so many thanks for all their hard work in the first four months of the school year, and flip a burger onto their plate.

It doesn’t take much time to say “thank you” to a teacher or a staff member. Our program at ICS Addis has grown in quality and size every year, and it’s because our staff members across the organization are committed to helping us become a great school. Tell someone at ICS thanks for their hard work on behalf of our students. Those simple words of appreciation encourage all of us to keep the standard high, and to keep working to make ICS Addis a better and better place to learn and grow.

Here are some of things our ICS teachers and assistants have done in the past four months:

  • Welcomed 299 new students and 23 new teachers
  • Assessed students and developed differentiated plans
  • Collaborated to ensure that all students are learning and growing
  • Ensured a strong focus on inquiry and our learner profile in student learning
  • Completed the first progress reports and report cards in PowerSchool
  • Conferenced with parents and students
  • Took 56 students to French language, Model UN, volleyball and track & field teams to conferences and tournaments in France, Uganda and South Africa
  • Offered 80+ student activities and coached 25 sports teams after school
  • Hosted a Model UN Conference involving 200+students from local schools
  • Directed plays, concerts and other student performances

Our support staff has:

  • Supervised renovations and projects in classrooms and across our campus
  • Coordinated with our contractor for major building projects such as the Community Commons, the New Classroom Block or the Sports Pavilion
  • Directed more traffic and cars on a daily basis
  • Maintained more classrooms and more offices for more students and more teachers
  • Provided quick, competent and friendly maintenance to many teachers in their homes
  • Set up dozens of assemblies, meetings and other events each week for students and teachers, with tents, tables, chairs, PA and projector systems, and much more

That’s a lot of activity!

Thank you!