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The Talking Head

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Parent Association’s General Meeting (AGM)

Please join our Board of Governors at our Association’s General Meeting at 7:00 PM on Wednesday 16 November. We will be in the Upper Commons, and snacks and soft drinks will be provided. Our agenda for the AGM includes a report on our financial audit from 2015–2016 and an update from the ICS Leadership Team on student learning, student safety, building projects and other initiatives. You will also have the opportunity to bring questions to the Board of Governors and the leadership team.

Distress in the Community

The negativity of the recent US presidential campaign has affected all of us. The speeches, the videos, the attacks, the Facebook memes, and other images and words have polarized the US. They have worried many of us living here. Thanks to modern media, even our youngest students are deeply aware of these words and images. Students easily internalize their parents’ opinions. This season, the relentlessly negative publicity and social media have made the election even bigger in everyone’s minds.

Some students are worried about the US election result and what it means for them, for their families or for the world. Others may feel excited and proud, and might not be sensitive to the concerns of their classmates. I remember some of the bullying (from both sides of the aisle) that happened on the ICS campus when President Obama was first elected eight years ago.

Rumors can cause fear. The best way to address rumors or worries is open and transparent dialogue. The counselors and I have given guidance our teachers and TAs on how to talk with students about the rumors and their concerns. If your child seems distraught or excessively worried, we have excellent counselors who can help—please let a teacher, administrator or a counselor know.

MO-vember at ICS Addis!

Many ICS teachers are growing moustaches and beards this month, for “MO-vember.” This international event raises awareness of men’s health issues, and honors our friends, colleagues and family members who have been affected by prostate cancer and other men’s diseases.

This year I am growing my moustache again in remembrance of former ICS counselor Michael Archbold. Mike worked at ICS Addis for twelve years. He was the driving force for starting our Week Without Walls program almost 25 years ago. He was also a huge advocate for our scholarship program and helped many ICS students attend selective universities in the US, Canada and the UK. His wife was a high school math teacher, and their two daughters attended ICS. Sadly, Mike passed away of cancer in June 2012.

Dads, put a ‘stache on, take care of yourselves…and make your health checks a regular event!