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The Talking Head

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Parent Association’s General Meeting (AGM)

Please join our Board of Governors at our Association’s General Meeting at 7:00 PM on Wednesday 16 November. We will be in the Upper Commons, and snacks and soft drinks will be provided. Our agenda for the AGM includes a report on our financial audit from 2015–2016 and an update on student learning, student safety, building projects and other initiatives. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of our Board and the Head of School.

Monitoring the State of Emergency

ICS Addis maintains regular contact with the Federal Police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and other security offices with embassies and other international organizations. Currently we are pushing MOFA and EthioTelecom to open up our access to the Internet, and the mission-critical educational websites that our students and teachers use on a regular basis. We have opened up a channel for a limited number of students and teachers at this time, and we are investigating several different ways we can provide better access for the whole community to these vital resources at our campus. We appreciate your patience.

We continue to take trips within the city and to Gulele Botanical Gardens with our students. All trips include an ICS Security Guard for additional communication and safety (our guards are also trained as first responders if there’s an injury).

We will share relevant information with parents as we learn anything new. Please be sure we have your updated mobile phone numbers for SMS notification in an emergency.

MO-vember at ICS Addis!

From Mike Archbold’s obituary…

“Travelers, it is late.

Life’s sun is going to set.

During these brief days that you have strength,

be quick and spare no effort of your wings.”


Many ICS teachers are growing moustaches and beards this month, for “MO-vember.” This international event raises awareness of men’s health issues, and honors our friends, colleagues and family members who have been affected by prostate cancer and other men’s diseases.

This year I am growing my moustache again in remembrance of former ICS counselor Michael Archbold. Mike worked at ICS Addis for twelve years. He was the driving force for starting our Week Without Walls program almost 25 years ago. He was also a huge advocate for our scholarship program and helped many ICS students attend selective universities in the US, Canada and the UK. His wife was a high school math teacher, and their two daughters attended ICS. Sadly, Mike passed away of cancer in June 2012.

Dads, put a ‘stache on, take care of yourselves…and make your health checks a regular event!

Community Brings Us Together

Many thanks to the dozens of parent and teacher volunteers who made Friday night such a frightful, fun-filled event for all our students. Diana Mattanovich, the Boy Scouts, the parents, the ICS staff made it possible in our elementary school. Then, our teachers and Student Councils put on two great social events for our middle and high school students. The campus was busy!

This week we cut the ribbon on our newly rebuilt Community Commons. Just up field from the snack bar (and macchiato machine), this space was a cooperative brain-child of the PTA and ICS Administration about four years ago. With the building of our new cistern and fire-suppression systems for the campus, the Community Commons was rebuilt and improved for the future… and all within the existing budget for the new classroom block! I want to thank the ICS Maintenance Office, the architect Rahel Shawl, and the contractor, Pier Paolo Elmi, for collaborating together to create this space dedicated to the ICS community.