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The Talking Head

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Community Commons Renovation

The Board has approved the construction of a large underground water storage and fire suppression system in the Community Commons area. Construction on this new system will commence after school finishes next week. The Community Commons will be renovated and opened for our use as quickly as possible when we return in August. There will still be access to the upfield areas in June/July, but there will be diversions and alternate routes to get up there.

This water system will serve all our needs for now and for the future, both for water storage for use in bathrooms or irrigation, and for fire suppression for the new classroom block (NCB) and future projects. Money for this project is coming from savings that we’ve managed in the NCB project.

Choose to Lose!

In April the Health Office and First Grade teacher Elizabeth DePoy launched a new challenge to our staff to “Choose to Lose.” 70 ICS teachers, TAs, office staff and others took up the challenge and are encouraging each other to be healthier and lose weight. In the final week, 42 ICS staffers weighed in. Altogether we lost 85 kilos (188 lbs)!!

Summer time is a time of travel for many of us. It’s harder to eat healthily when your routines are changed due to travel or being with friends and family. Keep walking every day if you can, and stay fit.

Child Protection Case Update

The court case began two weeks ago for the recent child molestation case. Testimonies have been given in the first case against the accused. The evidence and testimony will be reviewed in the coming weeks and a judgment is expected in late June. We will remain in close contact with the prosecutor’s office and the US Embassy’s Legal Attaché. The accused is still in custody pending the outcome of the trial. We will keep parents informed of any major developments.

Recognition for ICS Employees

Every year we officially recognize service to the ICS community for all of our employees. Last year we had 319 employees: this year, 324. On Friday 3 June, the entire staff at ICS Addis will gather in the Gym to celebrate the end of a successful school year. We will honor the commitment of our teachers, office staff, maintenance workers, guards, TAs and others, by recognizing those who have reached “milestone” years of service with the school. 64 employees joined us this year. 39 employees were honored for five, ten, fifteen, twenty or more years of loyalty to ICS!

Let me give a big shout out for Birknesh Mamo who will be recognized for 30 years of service to ICS students in our classrooms. I think she was hired when she was only ten years old! If you see W/zo Birknesh before the end of the school year, please be sure to tell her thank you, and congratulations.

At the end of the ceremony we will share a toast with one another to say thanks for everyone’s hard work. Our 324 ICS employees have offered 2,113 years of service to our students and community! A full list of those honored is available here in our program on our website.