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The Talking Head

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Congratulations to our Graduates

We are very proud of all our students who are taking big steps in the coming days. Grade Five and Grade Eight students will both be “Stepping Up” to the middle school or high school. Big changes in their young lives. Whether they remain here or move on to new schools, we know they are well prepared and we’re glad to see them growing and learning.

Tonight is Graduation for our Grade Twelve students. 44 students are graduating. They are from 19 countries and 40 of them are full IB Diploma candidates, and others took IB exams for certificates. They are matriculating to colleges and universities in nine countries. Recent studies from the UK tells us that IB Diploma students are more likely to “win firsts” at university and more likely to go on to graduate studies. We are proud of our seniors for embracing the extended essays, service and all of the challenging work that goes into these last two years. And, we know they would not be successful if not for the caring, hard-working teachers who’ve been guiding and supporting them, in the last two years and in the years of preparation before them.

Please join me in congratulating our graduates (and their parents!) for this major step!

Construction Begins Again

You may have noticed more activity and noise at the construction site this week. We are pleased to report that the city has granted permission to continue construction on our new classroom block. A two-month stoppage was forced on us due to conditions of our 90-year lease agreement, while we renegotiated the terms. We will be working closely with the contractor and project manager to get the project back on schedule. We all expect to be finished in the spring of 2017.

Community Commons to be Renovated in the Long Break

One aspect of the new classroom block project has been altered to provide better water storage and fire protection on the ICS campus in the coming years. The new block was designed to have its own fire suppression systems and water storage, and each new building in the future Master Plan would also have its own systems. This would add complexity and cost to each project.

With our project manager and the contractor, the Board has approved a change to create a large underground water storage and fire suppression system in the Community Commons area. It will serve all our needs for now and for the future, and it will be without adding more costs to the existing project budget. Construction on this new system will commence during the summer months. The Community Commons will be renovated and opened for use as quickly as possible when we return in August. There will still be access to the upfield areas in June/July, but there will be diversions and alternate routes to get up there