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The Talking Head

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Talking Head

Child Protection Case Update

The court case began this week for the recent child molestation case. It will proceed through the beginning of June, and we are keeping close contact with the prosecutor’s office and the US Embassy’s Legal Attaché. The accused is still in custody pending the outcome of the trial. We will keep parents informed of any major developments.

Racing to the Finish Line

The last few weeks of school include many culminating events, assessments and performances. We enjoyed our Grade Five Exhibition a few weeks ago, and there have been many grade level and class musical performances across the elementary. Last week we enjoyed a very passionate and technically excellent Choir and Band performances from our Middle and High School students (with a few parents and teachers added in!). We also cheered as both our Girls and Boys U19 Soccer teams won championships in our local sports league on Friday night! Later that same night many of us enjoyed the Thornton Wilder play, “Our Town” as performed by some of our high school thespians.

There will be many more assemblies, evening ceremonies and morning performances in the coming days. Our students—your children—really value your attendance. We thank parents for showing up in large numbers to enjoy these events. We especially say THANKS to our teachers and staff members who work so hard to make these possible.

ICS Photo Albums on Smugmug

Many of these events are recorded by ICS photographers and staff members on our SmugMug page. Relax and enjoy the show, and then check out the photos we’ve put there for you.

ICS Staffers are Choosing to Lose!

Two weeks ago we launched a challenge to our staff to “Choose to Lose.” 70 ICS teachers, TAs, office staff and others took up the challenge and are encouraging each other to be healthier and lose weight.

After four weeks we have a total weight loss of 146 lbs (66 kg). The best single weight loss is 9.6 lbs (4.4 kg) and the best single percentage loss is 4.8%. ICS staff members are improving their eating habits, developing exercise routines, and are trying to adopt healthier lifestyles.

If you notice that a teacher or other ICS staff member looks leaner and fitter, give an encouraging word! If you see them exercising or walking/running on the track, give a shout out! We all need to be taking care of ourselves, and your cheers can keep us working at it.