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Pre-Paid Account

ICS Addis provides students ID cards to all students; these ID cards are also to be used as prepaid debit cards, within ICS only, to purchase a hot lunch/buffet or snacks from the ICS cafeteria. The prepaid account uses an electronic debit system, which means each time a purchase is made it will reduce the prepaid account by the amount of the purchase. The student ID card has a unique barcode that is used to access the student’s ICS prepaid account by a simple swipe at the cafeteria cashier.

  • Elementary students must use the prepaid card system for lunch purchase from the ICS cafeteria.
  • MS and HS students can also use cash; however, using the prepaid system will be faster during peak lunch hours.

Help & Support

For assistance with your student’s prepaid account, you can visit the IT Help desk or contact us by email at prepaid.service(at) For additional information regarding online account access and alert customization, please see “Managing Your Prepaid Account” on the ICS website. Parents can also request a prepaid account by sending email to prepaid.service(at)

Download FAQ, click HERE.

Getting started with your ICS Prepaid Account

Parents and students can deposit money by visiting the ICS cashier or student store. For fastest service, bring the ICS Student ID for the initial deposit. Please make sure to collect a receipt.

Each student has an individual account; joint family accounts are available upon request by emailing

Deposits and Receipts

Deposits can be made in birr only at the ICS cashier or student store. The minimum deposit amount is 100 birr and the maximum deposit amount is 4000 birr. A receipt will be printed at the time of deposit; account owners should verify the receipt amount is correct at time of deposit.

Use your prepaid account like cash at the cafeteria

Visit the cafeteria or snack bar

When a student is ordering food in the buffet/snack window, she/he will scan her/his ICS ID card at the cashier, the cashier verifies her/his picture and the student collects the receipt. Scan and go…no waiting for money to change hands.


Each cashier in the ICS cafeteria and snack window has a computer equipped with a scanner and VAT receipt printer. When the student scans the ID card, the amount of the purchase will be deducted and a mobile and/or email alert will go to parent’s mobile or student’s mobile if there is a number on file. Alerts can be turned off and on by using a mobile command – see list of commands below.

Identity Verification

Each cashier is responsible for verifying the identity of the customer by comparing the screen photo with the customer.

VAT Receipt

Each customer will receive a VAT receipt at the time of the order. At the snack window, this receipt is used to pick up food.

Pre-order meals
  • Students can preorder food their lunch and avoid waiting in the cashier line. Students can pre-order 2 ways.
  • Stop by the cafeteria before lunch and place your order at the snack counter
  • Pre-order using your mobile SMS.

Pre-order Instructions

You can also use the Pre-order feature using your Mobile SMS, which means that you can send your lunch order to the ICS cafeteria.

  1. Setup “ICS Prepaid Service” in your mobile address book; 0930-097-395.
  2. Send an SMS/text to “ICS Prepaid Service” with the following information:
    • PREORDER – this is the mobile KEYWORD command that you must use.
    • Time you want the order delivered – be very specific – do not put High School Lunch, put 1:00 PM.
    • Food that you want – this is FREE-FORM TEXT so again, be specific, put everything that you want.
    • Sample Preorder Text: PREORDER Cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard with french fries. Time is 1:00 PM.
  3. Pick-up your food at the table just next to the snack bar at the appropriate time. Your receipt will be with your food. At this point, your prepaid account has been charged so no need to visit the snack window to pay.
Managing your pre-paid account

Account Alerts via Mobile phone and Email

Students’ prepaid accounts and account alerts are linked to their parent’s mobile number and/or email. This is set as “Parent 1”, the first parent listed in the ICS Directory. If this is NOT the appropriate parent for account alerts, please send an email to prepaid.service (at) and tell us which parent and which mobile number to use. Account alerts are sent when there is activity on the account (deposit or charge) and when there is a low balance (150 Birr). Students can also receive alerts by providing their mobile numbers to prepaid.service(at) Alerts can be customized by individual account; please see “Managing Your Prepaid Account”.

Mobile and Email Alerts for Prepaid Account

There are two ways to manage alerts:

If you only want to turn all alerts off, reply to one of the alert messages (0930-097-395) with the SMS command ALERTOFF from the mobile that is receiving the alerts.

If you want to turn specific alerts on or off, change which types of alerts you receive, who receives the alerts or the amounts that trigger the alerts, you may do so by signing up for the online account access (see below).

Mobile Commands

The following mobile commands are available within the Prepaid system:

  • HELP – provides the list of available mobile commands for the Prepaid system
  • BAL – request for your prepaid account balance
  • STM – request for an account statement which includes the past 5 transactions
  • ALERTOFF – turns account alerts off for the mobile phone that the command is received from.
Pre-paid account online access

Request Online Access

For online access, please send an email to with your child(ren)’s name and grade, and your mobile number. ICS Prepaid Services will set up the account using your mobile number and send an SMS with your online PIN. Once you receive the PIN, you can login to Prepaid Service Online Access to set up your own user name and password.

Parents and high school students have the ability to access their ICS prepaid account online. The features available online are:

  • Transaction History (last 5 transactions available via mobile command “STMT”)
  • Current Balance (also available via mobile command “BAL”)
  • Alerts - ability to manage which alerts go where (email/SMS)


To acces your account online, click HERE