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Spanish Mother Tongue Group on International Peace Day

Monday, September 25, 2017

In commemoration of International Day of Peace, the Spanish Mother Tongue Group, in coordination with Dr. Monica Llamazares from UNICEF, organized a field trip to UNICEF and UNECA. The Spanish Mother Tongue Students, KG-6, talked about how children in Syria are not able to live their lives as others do; how young children around the world are not vaccinated because of conflict. Others mentioned that peace is necessary to think about better ways to grow and to develop fully.

Children also were aware and concerned about current events and discussions by world leaders that could lead to World War III, and how disastrous that would be for all us. There was no doubt in their heads about the fact that we should do all we can to stop a potential world war and all wars worldwide, because there cannot be peace if there is conflict somewhere. They also shared the way in which they were going to celebrate the International Day of Peace at school. After the discussions concluded, children were invited to visit UNECA’s Conference Hall and the historic Africa Hall.