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News this week

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Deputy Head of School for Operations, George L. Zickefoose

Sports Pavilion Update

Coming soon to ICS Addis will be a new Sports Pavilion that will provide much-needed PE, ASAs and sports program space! Get ready for a structure that will cover four basketball courts with lines for four volleyball courts, four tennis courts, and eight badminton courts as well. When it’s finished, the facility will make more spaces available to our ICS community during the rainy season, at night and weekends.

You may be wondering about the former tennis courts and your access to them this year. “When will they be open? When can I work on my backhand again?” In essence that space will not be available first semester. We anticipate opening it for PE classes and other uses by the end of January 2017.

The construction fence is going up. The trees are coming down. Permanent cement steps will be installed outside of the structure and facing the track for spectators to sit on during upper field events. A ramp will be installed that will allow movement of large and heavy equipment in and out of the pavilion to maximize its use. The contractor is Elmi Olindo. The project management and design team is ZIAS. Take a look at the designs!


Community Commons Update

On June 10, 2016, a construction team began in earnest to add a 300 cubic meter water tank to our campus, thus replacing 21 cubic meter tank in the ground. It will add to the 27 cubic meter water tower providing enough water for the New Classroom Block (NCB) and the fire suppression system for the NCB. The Community Commons and white storage structure had to be dismantled, and the old water tank removed. With the new water tank nearly finished, the contractor will reconstruct a new purpose-built Community Commons and purpose-built structure for storage and service, in about 2 month’s time! Thank you for your patience.

Elmi Olindo is the contractor, RAAS Architect is the designer of the new Community Commons, and ZIAS is the project management team. The new and improved Community Commons will provide larger, uninterrupted covered space for multiple events in the future, parents during the day, Farmer’s Market, students and families at hosted tournaments, and more! It will be a nice addition for our community and for all the event set-ups it will accommodate. Take a look at the designs!