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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Elementary School News, Michael Schooler, Principal

Dear ICS Families,

I want to thank you all for making time to come in with your children and discuss their goals and see their progress.  If you could not attend the conference for some reason or you feel that you need one-on-one time with teacher/s, please do not hesitate to request a teacher conference after the October break. You can do this by simply contacting the teacher directly or the elementary office to make an appointment. 

Read, Read, Read.

During the October break, please make sure you and your family relax and have fun and if possible build in some time for quite reading for the students. Model for your children by reading a magazine or eBook. While on the plane, at the beach, or by the pool, help motivate your child to be a lifelong reader by setting aside a few minutes to simply read a good story.  If you have some time, stop by our amazing library and check out some fun books to read over the break.

Have a wonderful break!