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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Talking Head

We are International!

A big, big thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors, entertainers and others who helped make last Saturday an overwhelming success! 77 country flags—including the ICS Flag—marched in our parade. More than 1500 people were on hand to enjoy the beautiful sun, the food, and the entertainment prepared by students in our Mother Tongue programs.

We are all a bit anxious about the recent protests and government actions in Ethiopia. The ICS International Day said to all of us—and importantly, to our children— that ICS is a safe place for celebrating with laughter, food, song and dance. International Day models the idea that people from many languages, cultures and education backgrounds can come together to create something wonderful. We can set aside our differences and even celebrate them.

BIG thanks and recognition to the people who made International Day a success…

  • Bill Graham and Betty Tameru for their organization skills!
  • Karin Steiner, Lars Lundin, Sylvia Murphy, Diana Mattanovich and the team of volunteers who brought it all together
  • Our crews set up an amazing amount of furniture and equipment to make it work
  • Our Mother Tongue Program parents and students organized entertainment from thirteen countries!
  • 15 food vendors offered food for sale from all over the globe
  • Our Scholarship Club, Booster Club and Toastmasters were busy all day
  • Coke, BGI, Origin Water and Tomoca gave us drinks to sell. International Day was not intended to be a fundraising event, but because of their sponsorships, more than $1700 will go into our Scholarship Endowment.

Please give us your thoughts about International Day on our anonymous survey!

I hope that you were able to join us to celebrate with our students and our community. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible.