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News of the Week

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Middle School News, Elizabeth Johnston, Principal

Community Time

This week during Community Time, students participated in team building activities with their house teams. Challenges included cooperative games where the whole team had to complete tasks successfully. It was a rocking good time on the upper basketball court with students, carpet tiles and all sorts of wonderful collaboration among our middle school house teams! Congratulations to all the teams for learning some key skills for teamwork and putting them to use! One major takeaway for everyone: communication is KEY!



Progress reports will be distributed soon. These reports show student progress in all their subject areas. Parents are advised to take a careful look at the EFFORT grades for your child(ren) as these indicate how your child is currently behaving as a learner in classes and we know from research that diligent and reflective effort lead to success. Help your child grow as a learner by having conversations with them about their effort grades and what they mean. Students will set effort goals and put action plans in place in order to improve their effort as students next Wednesday.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please sign up on pick-a-time for appointments to discuss your child's progress during conferences next week. We understand that there were some glitches with the sign-up system but these are now fixed. Expect an email shortly.


Student Leadership Council

Students on the MS Student Leadership Council had a wonderful time last weekend at their annual leadership retreat. Our council participated in a series of workshops for building leadership skills including public speaking, teamwork, understanding group strengths and planning for the year. Students also had the opportunity to meet with the PTA to discuss our important relationship with them. Big thanks to Ms. Abby Franks for being the council's advisor this year! Looking forward to another great year in student leadership in the middle school!


Student Design Team for Learner Profile Traits

Our middle school artists have come together to design icons that represent out ICS Learner Profile traits so we can make reward buttons for our Middle School Students! This design team is working hard investigating design parameters and branding within the context of our ICS guidelines. With the expert assistance from our graphic design team in ICS Communications, we will have original designs ready for printing shortly! Stay tuned!


Students of the Month

Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 were nominated and elected by teachers to receive the Student of the Month award. Students receiving this award have displayed ICS Learner Profile traits in their classes and outside of class time. We are proud to announce the following award winners for the month of September:

Grade 6: Thanthi Bosmans

Grade 7: Yabsera Benyam

Grade 8: Aida Sebagadis