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News of the Week

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Elementary School News, Michael Schooler, Principal

Dear ICS Families

Next week we will have our Parent/Teacher/Student Goal Setting Conferences.  It is very important that your student attend these conferences.  We will be providing supervision on the playground near the elementary basketball court if you have more than one child. 

The purpose of this goal setting conferences are for you to hear about your child’s strengths and areas of growth from your child and the teacher.  You will have an opportunity to reflect with your child and the teacher about the goals.  It is an active and dynamic process designed to help instill the value that the “student’ is responsible for their learning in partnership with their teachers and parents.  If you have any problem with the Pick a Time program do not hesitate to contact the elementary office and we can assist you in getting your conference set up.

PYP Candidacy

Our journey to become an authorized IB PYP school has taken a significant step recently.  We have completed our application and submitted all supporting documents.  We will have authorization visitors here in February.  We believe that Fall 2017 we will be a fully authorized and recognized PYP school.  Our teachers have worked very hard to make this happen.  The benefit to your children is a more aligned and focused curriculum based on best practices and high expectations.

New Report Card

We have instituted a new school management software program called Power School.  Along with it comes a new report card system.  As many of you know, when you implement a new system, you can encounter many challenges.  We are experiencing many of these now.  Our new report, in its initial draft, will be very basic.  Please be patient with us as we develop a report card and grading process that keeps you well informed of your child’s progress. 

For the first quarter our focus is on the Parent/Teacher/Student Goal Setting Conferences. If at any time you think you need to have a one-on-one conference with your child’s teacher you can contact the teacher or the elementary office to schedule a time.  We believe in and value time spent with parents discussing their child’s progress.