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News of the Week

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Activites & Athletics News, Mick Cooper, Athletics and Activities Director


Due to the PTC's and Friday midday closing there will be ASA on Monday only next week. There will be NO ASA, Sports practice or Mother Tongue program Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday



Lots of games to look forward to as usual this week,including some on International Day to support too!


Thursday 6 October

U14 Girls Basketball vs Bingham

U14 Boys Basketball@ Greek


Friday 7 October

U16 Boys Volleyball vs Italian

U19 Girls Volleyball @ Italian


Saturday 8 October

U16 Girls Volleyball vs Sandford-Side Court 12.30

U16 Boys Volleyball vs Sandford-Gym 12.30

U19 Girls Volleyball vs Sandford-Gym 13.30


Monday 10 October

U14 Boys Basketball Grade 8 Team vs Bingham

U14 Girls Basketball vs Sandford-Top Court


Thursday 13 October

U14 Girls Basketball @Greek--please note that players involved in this game should not schedule PTC's between 15.30 and 18.15


Saturday 8 October --NO U12 Soccer or Cross Country due to International Day

Monday 10 October -- the Boy's coaches have kindly volunteered to hold an extra practice Monday for the boy's teams, as there will be NO U12 Girl's or Boy's Soccer Thursday 13 October (PTC's)


International Trips

There is a mandatory packing meeting for all ISSEA Track and Field/Volleyball Travelers next Wednesday in Mr Haines room. Please do not schedule PTC's until after 2.45 Wednesday to allow them to attend this.

ISSEA students who are traveling with their families over the October break need to remember to take back their travel documents from the ASA office and then return them please on their Monday return to school after the break.



The sun is finally shining but it is still too wet to be on the fields for casual use. Please do not go on them yet so they can dry out fully which will pay dividends later in the year. Thank you.

Have a great week and we hope to see you at some of the upcoming games