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MS Visual Arts Summary: Quarters 1 & 2

Friday, January 20, 2017

The ICS Art Department unveiled a summary of the studio work MS students did in visual arts during terms 1 and 2. Grade 6 explored the theme of fear and what characteristics students utilize to overcome it. Contour drawing, scale drawing, photography, collage, and digital manipulation were explored throughout the process.  To see all the images of 6th grade studio works CLICK HERE.

7th Grade and two 8th grade students also explored the same theme of fear, but using 3-D Plaster sculpture. To see all the works CLICK HERE.

Grade 8 (and a few grade 7s) explored how artists use symbolism to express identity. Throughout the process, they applied a variety of painting techniques, stenciled positive characteristics in Amharic, printed their own unique symbols, and used collage to put their final works together.  The full process can be seen by CLICKING HERE and the final works can be seen by CLICKING HERE.