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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Middle School Principal, Elizabeth Johnston

Attendance Policy Reminder

Students are beginning to talk about their holiday plans and so we remind parents that ICS has a policy on the number of absences a student may acquire without consequences to their academic progression. The policy reads: 

The school asks parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly. We request parents to avoid absences for travel of vacations during regularly scheduled school days, or on days adjacent to weekends and school holidays. Each division has an absence limit which impacts on promotion, credits and graduation. For middle school, promotion is reviewed and may be denied for absences of 15 days or more.

In cases of excessive absences, a meeting will be held between the student, a parent or guardian and teachers and/or the principal, to discuss the cause of the problem and to determine an appropriate course of action. Absences due to school-sponsored activities do count toward these absence limits. It is not a matter of having an excuse: attendance is important, regardless of the reasons for extended absences.  

Extenuating circumstances requiring longer absences such as prolonged illness or family bereavement, will be taken into consideration by the principal in consultation with the family and the classroom teachers.