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MS News

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Middle School Principal, Elizabeth Johnston

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the middle school with many fantastic events such as the Grade 8 Stepping Up to HS ceremony and a focused academic ending to the year such as the grade 7-8 economics forum with special guests from the US embassy.  We will end the year Friday morning with an awards ceremony followed by a school wide farewell assembly. Parents whose children are receiving awards have been invited to attend by email.  Students will be dismissed when the farewell assembly ends at approximately 11:30.

When we return from summer break, the middle school moves in o the fabulous new building.  On the first morning of school, students will assemble in the little theatre of the new building at 8am.

Please note that the lockers are a bit smaller than the current ones and students will not be allowed to carry bags to their classrooms so think about buying a smaller backpack for your middle school student.  The “carry-on” sized roller bags some student had this year will not be functional in the new building. Every student will be required to use his or her locker so the backpack needs to only to carry half of what it carried this year.  As well, students must have a reusable lunch bag of some kind that is labeled with their name when carrying their lunch to the cafeteria (no backpack).  The full supply list is on the website but do not buy everything ahead as teachers will explain in the first days what students need for specific courses (especially items available here).  

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing vacation. While the math teachers have provided summer recommendations in preparation for the next grade, all of us also recommend that students read as much as possible over the break.

High School Orientation

On Wednesday morning we were happy to host the grade 8 students for High School Orientation.  Please feel free review the presentation as it includes information pertaining to summer shopping. It may be helpful to review the presentation again before starting school on Monday, August 14 so that students feel prepared for the first day of school. We wish you a wonderful summer and are thrilled to welcome you to the high school in the fall.