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MS News

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Middle School News – Elizabeth Johnstson, MS Principal

Special Concert

Students in Intermediate Choir and Intermediate Band were treated to a special performance by Spanish classical guitarist, Raffael Serralett on Wednesday. Students learned all about the history of the guitar, the importance and physics of stringed instruments to music evolution while being treated to a beautiful series of songs from around the world.

Grade 8 Stepping Up

Please remember that all grade 8 students will participate in the Stepping Up ceremony to High School on June 6. Grade 8s are expected to come to morning classes but will be dismissed at 11:30. Their ceremony begins at 5pm and is held in the gym.

Results from the MS Learner Profile awards

The Learner Profile awards are based on teacher nominations for students that have embodied the learner trait.

KNOWLEDGEABLE:                                   BALANCED:                               THINKER:

G6 Recipient: Tim Steel                             G6 Recipient: Carlien Nel            G6 Recipient: Sean Aminov

G7 Recipient: Elnathan Abraham                G7 Recipient: Mahlet Hailu          G7 Recipient: Samuel Bills


G8 Recipient: Aidan Maddock                     G8 Recipient: Zakaria Sufi          G8 Recipient: Lyla Rahman    


CARING:                                                  COMMUNICATOR:                       INQUIRER:

G6 Recipient: Prisca Minten                       G6 Recipient: Thandi Bosmans     G6 Recipient: Elin van Loosdrecht

G7 Recipient: Hannah Mengistu                 G7 Recipient: Kolu Ketema           G7 Recipient: Yusuf Bomba

G8 Recipient: Luca Enenetie-King              G8 Recipient: Rohan Ibru              G8 Recipient: Owen Reynolds


OPEN-MINDED:                                        PRINCIPLED:                                COURAGEOUS:

G6 Recipient: Giuseppe Avaro                   G6 Recipient: Eliana Brown           G6 Recipient: Reese Fisher

G7 Recipient: Hermela Ageru                    G7 Recipient: Tintswalo Machaba   G7 Recipient: Miriya Greer

G8 Recipient: Mridula Srikanth                  G8 Recipient: Rafael Desta            G8 Recipient: Zion Drake 



G6 Recipient: Zeinab Diallo

G7 Recipient: Christian Brewer

G8 Recipient: Ryan Blaine

Upcoming MS Dates:

  • Tuesday grade 8 is dismissed at 11:40 and returns by 4pm for the 5pm Stepping Up Ceremony in the gym
  • Wednesday is an 8 block day during which student clear out their lockers and complete their signout forms. All library books, sports equipment and fees and fines need to be taken care of by then (fines paid at cashier, receipts brought to MS office).
  • Thursday is Transitions/Service Day. Grade 6 hosts grade5 in the morning, grade 7 has a series of workshops, grade 9 shadows grade 9 at service learning locations.
  • Friday: Awards ceremony in the UC from 8-9 followed by grade level time. 10:15 schoolwide assembly and 11:30 dismissal