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MS News

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Middle School Principal, Elizabeth Johnston

Community Time

This week, students participated in a 'water day' activity where they played games and competed for points in a number of water-based contests. Students requested we conserve our water usage and we ensured that only a third of the water used to water the lawn is being used for these games and will immediately go into the lawn where it would have gone for regular watering. We can 'take care of this place' while we have a little fun too!

Grade 8 Stepping Up

Please remember that all grade 8 students will participate in the Stepping Up ceremony to High School on June 6. Grade 8s are expected to come to morning classes but will be dismissed at 11:30. Their ceremony begins at 5pm and is held in the gym.

Finishing Strong

All students are reminded to continue their best effort towards the end of the school year. In the midst of making summer plans or managing the rainy weather, it's easy to forget that the end of the term is just around the corner. Please be diligent and use your agendas to keep track of all your work, talk to teachers when you miss assignments and carefully manage your time so you can meet deadlines! It's crucial to FINISH STRONG! You can do it!

Music Concerts

Last week, all band students wowed us with their performances in the end-of-year concert. This week, the choirs have done the same. Way to go to all the student musicians who have worked so hard to develop and refine their musical skills this year! Stay tuned for more end-of-year celebrations of success coming from multiple classes. It's great to see how much our MS students have grown!

MS Friday Hangout

Don't miss out on the final party of the year! The MS Hangout will take place this Friday, 19 May in the Community Commons. Come and hang out with your friends. Party begins at 5:30 and ends at 7:30. There will be activities and food for sale. Looking forward to seeing MS students there and having fun 'hanging out'!

MS/HS Counselling Office

Dear Parents of PSAT 8/9 Test Takers:

The PSAT 8/9 score reports have arrived!   Please direct your student to come after school on Thursday 11 Mayor Friday 12 May to room S017 to pick up the score report.  Ms. Charmaine Gunther or Ms. Alicia Brown will be available from 3:30-4:00pm to hand out reports and give a quick presentation on how to read and interpret the results.  Parents and students are both welcome to come.  If you or your son/daughter are unable to make it the score reports will be distributed to students by 15 May.

Please take the time to go through the score report along with the information that help explain the results.  If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s report please contact - Ms. Alicia Brown, 9/10 School Counselor or Ms. Charmaine Gunther, MS School Counselor for assistance; or