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MS News

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Middle School News, Elizabeth Johnston, Principal

Math and Reading

Math and English teachers have supplied some material for summer study in order to help students maintain their understanding of the concepts learned this year. Please ask your child to show you the work they can review over the holiday and encourage them to do a little each day. 

Students are reminded they should be reading 30 minutes per day (books of their choice) during the holiday times.

Awards and Celebrations

Our middle school students are well-rounded scholars and we have been enjoying the last two weeks of awards ceremonies across a number of areas. The Athletics Banquet, the Celebration of the Arts, the Grade 8 Stepping Up, Learner Profile awards and the Subject Awards ceremonies are all wonderful events in which we celebrate student achievement. 

Year-End Reports

Our year-end reports will be arriving by email over the next few days. Please take some time to review your child's end of year report with them and discuss some ideas they may have for areas of focus in the new school year. Students will be able to make some goals when they return in order to continue their growth as independent learners.