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Middle School News

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Middle School Principal, Elizabeth Johnston

Community Time

This week in community time students participated in a Geography Trivia challenge. This house activity, where they were competing in their house teams, asked students critical geographical questions. It was a neck and neck battle until the end, when the bonus question allowed the Red Bulls to pull ahead by 1 point, taking the prize as the Geography Experts! Congratulations Red team!

After School Activities

ASAs and our athletics programs are now in full operation. Please take time to talk to your child about their ASAs. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance of activity and creativity in order to enrich their lives but we also encourage family conversation around time management. If you find your child is too 'over-scheduled' in activities, please talk to them about making sure they have enough time for their school work and just relaxing as well!

Study Hall

Just a reminder that study hall takes place every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the upper commons for middle school students. Students can come and complete homework between 3:30 - 4:30 PM with the assistance of Math, Science, English and Social Studies TAs. 

Campus Access Reminder

Students are reminded that they must leave campus promptly after their supervised activities are finished for the day. Weekend access to campus is limited to students who are directly supervised by a parent. Please respect these safety rules and help remind your child about them regularly so they stay safe.