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Middle School News

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Middle School Principal, Elizabeth Johnston

Welcome (back) to MS @ ICS!

Our first day was full of excitement as students attended an assembly and took part in orientation advisory and house activities in order to become acquainted with the Middle School teachers and students and to have a little fun together. It was great to see many returning students (all taller!) and to meet our new students to ICS this year. 

Lunch Reminders

Students are welcome to pre-order lunch before school or during break from our cafeteria through the pre-ordering at the snack bar. Students save their receipts and pick up their lunches at the pickup area. Please see the website for all the information about lunch at our cafeteria. In the middle school, we follow the EATS system.

Here is a poster that outlines EATS.


Please remind your child to use their locker every day in order to restrict the number of items they are carrying to and from each class. They have time throughout their day to visit their lockers and are encouraged to refrain from carrying their bags throughout the day across the campus. Bags are NOT allowed at lunch in the upper commons. If your child encounters problems with their locker (lock not working etc.) they can come to the middle school office and our administrative assistants will be happy to help them.


Our library is open for circulation. Students may check out books regularly. Feel free to bring your child to the library on Saturday mornings to have some family reading/check out time! The library is open every Saturday until noon. 

Campus Access Reminders

Our ASA season one will begin shortly. Please be reminded that students in middle school are not allowed to be on campus unsupervised for safety reasons. When ASAs begin, students can be on campus in supervised activities, including study hall and the library, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students should not be on campus past 2:00 PM on Wednesdays unless they are attending the Mother Tongue program as there are no other supervised activities on Wednesdays. Students are not permitted onto campus on the weekend unless accompanied and directly supervised by a parent.

Community Time

Every Wednesday our middle school participates in a community time activity. These include student-led assemblies, house activities and extended advisory sessions. We look forward to these community times as ways we build connections with one another and engage in learning and fun towards a stronger middle school community. Parents are always invited to our student-led assemblies. They are exciting events and an excellent way to promote student leadership in the middle school. We hope to see you throughout the year!

Grade 6 Potluck

Our tradition at ICS is to host a grade 6 Potluck for all grade 6 families in the upper commons at the beginning of the year. We will continue with that tradition this year. An invitation will come home shortly from the counsellor's office. The date for this is next Thursday, 18 August at 6:30 PM. We hope to see all grade 6 students and their families there. Please contact our middle school counselor, Ms. Charmaine Gunther for more information.