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Middle School News

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Middle School News, Elizabeth Johnston, Principal

Recognizing students!

Middle school students have been busy wrapping up their year with final assessments, projects, reflections and awards. On Wednesday in Community Time, we held our first ever Learner Profile Awards ceremony.  Every month we have given out a learner profile award to a student in each grade and this culminated in the assembly at which 10 students from each grade were chosen by teachers to receive specific Learner Profile certificates and PE shirts with their profile trait printed on the back. The Learner Profile Award winners are:

Abdirahim Mah

Afika Liv Lindegaard

Aidan Maddock

Anika Snyder

Aroon Conway-Shah

Carmine McNiven

Daniel Lechiguero

Emery Baldwin

Estela Ghahremani

Faru Ketema

Hana Samuel


Hanan Ibrahim

Harry Goodland

HyeWon Youn

Kingspride "King" Hammond III

Kyoka Nishimura

Madeleine Gallagher

Nadia Iglar

Naomi Assefa

Natasza Skupien

Oceane Lasseigne


Olivia McKee

Robert “Kai” Moore

Samuel “Sam” Bills

Sanam Ayub Khan

Sanya Badani

Tagesech “Taggie” Tyo-Dickerson

Theresa “Tess” Wozny

Tintswalo Machaba

Zoe Bolognini













During the Assembly, we also heard farewell reflections from many of our leaving students. We will miss all of those families!

During our final FitUp! of the year on Tuesday, students were recognized for their accomplishments in the University of Waterloo Math contest. The 15 top scoring students at ICS were:

Grade 7

Grade 8

Samuel Bills

Yuning Zhang

Aiden Maddock

Hanan Ibrahim

Yabsera Benyam

Emnet Kebede

Naomi Assefa

Telman Abdulla

Robel Kassa

Esraa Osman

Adonias Samuel

Hana Samuel

Ila Krupalija

Faru Ketema

Chanjoo Kim

Imiana Enahoro

Congratulations as well to all of our middle school athletes! There was a lovely celebration Tuesday night to honor effort and achievement in afterschool sports. On Monday 6 June, there will be a celebration of the Arts at ICS. If your child has been involved in artistic endeavors, they will be coming home with an invitation.

Next Week!

It is a busy final week in the middle school. Assessments are wrapping up and we have several special schedule days and events.

GHEF - 6    June 6

DABC  - 7   June 7

8 Blocks    June 8

SS           June  9

SS      June   10

Assessments possible in G/E

G6 field trip to Born Free

G6 Laptops 8-9:30

G7 laptops during science

G6 Lockers

3:30 Celebration of the Arts in UC

Assessments possible in D/B

G7 laptops during science, lockers during advisory

G8 Laptops and lockers

G8 exiting by 12:15

G8 Stepping Up Ceremony


Students will see all classes and the MS checkout forms are due to Advisors at 1:45


Transition Service and Day

G5/6 transition –AM Gym

G7 Service –MPR

G8/9 Service and Transition

End of Year Awards Ceremony 8:00-9:00 UC

Grades to Group Areas 9:15-10:15

Whole School Goodbye Assembly GYM 1030-11:30

Dismissal at 11:30