Middle School

Welcome to Middle School

Middle School at ICS is a thriving community of professionals that deeply recognize the unique, changing physical, emotional and academic needs of middle school students need to be addressed with a growth mindset approach. As we value the need for students to learn in a way that meets their individual academic needs and instilling a growth mindset, we provide our students with a personalized learning approach that enables student agency over learning.

As a school that embodies Professional Learning Communities, our teachers facilitate learning through enquiry, action and reflection. They work collaboratively in grade-level teams to ensure that we continuously answer the four essential PLC questions. As part of our belief in student agency of learning, we organize Student Led Conferences in spring to allow students describe their growth and achievements throughout the year.

Our classrooms are arranged in ways that encourage and enhance cooperative learning. We are a place where one can find students huddled around tables and laptops or stretched out in carpets collaborating in a culture of inquiry and critical learning.

"I love middle school at ICS Addis because we are valued as people who can actually take responsibilities." Prism- Grade 7

We love supporting middle schoolers, and we would love to hear from you. You may contact us at ms.school@icsaddis.org. If you are interested in admission for your middle school student, please contact our Admissions Office at admissions@icsaddis.org.


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Student - Olani G7

I love middle school at ICS Addis because we are valued as people who can actually take responsibilities. We have a lot of freedom to choose how we learn in middle school and that helps us become responsible. 

Parent - Mrs. Vkram

We have been at ICS for 5 years. Our son who is in grade 4 has been here throughout his school life. It is our wish that he stays here through grade 12.

Social Studies Teacher - Chad Van De Hoak

What makes ICS truly a special place is its diverse student body, engaged parent community and dedicated educators. ICS has amazing potential to achieve its vision of being a dynamic school with Africa through embracing the PLC model, improved facilities around campus, and attracting high quality educators.

Spanish Teacher - Ben Orwin

The thing that makes ICS a special place for me is the feeling of community.  Everyone, parents, teachers, support staff and students are all committed to creating a sense of belonging and a welcome feeling.  I think ICS has the potential to become a leader in personalized learning.