Academic Program / Graduation Requirements

ICS offers four high school programs, designed to meet the needs of a variety of students

  1. Study within the college-preparatory high school program at ICS is focused on the objective of earning an ICS high school diploma. 
  2. Students may also attempt to earn an additional, concurrent qualification, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students who do not wish to attempt the full IB Diploma can still earn advanced credit from many colleges by taking IB Higher Level courses and scoring well on the internal assessments and IB exams. 
  3. Students with special learning needs may take the ICS Modified Diploma, which may allow them to enter Community Colleges after graduation but not usually university. 
  4. Students with a high need of learning support may pursue the Transitions Program, which focuses on building skills to prepare students for independent living. 

 Subject Area   

 ICS Diploma   

 Modified Diploma  

 Transitions Diploma  

English 4 credits 4 4
Social Studies 3 3 1
Science 3 3 3/4
Mathematics 3 3 3/4
PE / Health 2 2 n/a
Arts 1 1 n/a
World Languages   n/a n/a
Electives 8 4-8 n/a
Functional Living Skills    n/a n/a 4


26 credits



* .5 credits are awarded for successful completion of each semester of courses

IBDP graduation requirements are outlined below.


ICS High School Diploma

he ICS High School Diploma is a fully recognized and U.S. Accredited High School Diploma program that prepares students for admission to U.S. universities. It is a four-year program, and the curriculum is designed to be consistent with most international schools, facilitating transfer of expatriate students among these schools.

Students who take the full IBDP will normally also qualify for ICS High School Diploma requirements. ICS High School students must meet the ICS High School graduation requirements as outlined in the High School Handbook and ICS High School Course Guide. Full course descriptions are included in the ICS High School Course Guide.

Requirements for the ICS Diploma

  • Credit requirements for the ICS Diploma are outlined in the table above.
  • The following courses are mandatory: English 9, English 10, Biology 1, Biology 2, Social Studies 9, Social Studies 10, PE 9/10. 
  • Students are required to complete two credits of physical education. The PE requirement for graduation should be met in grades 9 and 10.  Students who transfer to ICS in grade 10 with no physical education credit in grade 9 will be required to complete one credit in physical education at the grade 10 level.
  • Incoming grade 11-12 students may be excused an Art or PE credit if they are IB Diploma candidates.
  • Students must take three credits of World Languages. It is recommended that students take three years of the same language.
  • Elective credits are additional courses in any discipline.
  • All students are required to complete the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) program as outlined below.

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) Requirement

In accordance with our mission and philosophy, all ICS graduates must fulfill Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) requirements. CAS is one of the core components of the IB Diploma, and completing the CAS requirements and reflection pieces complements our school community’s belief that formal classroom education is only one part of life-long learning. 

CAS requires students to complete, document and reflect upon weekly out-of-class activities in their final two years of high school. Such activities include individual CAS projects, the ICS Internship, sports, drama, arts, service projects, peer tutoring, student council, etc. CAS may be school-based or outside-of-school activities.  The three areas (creativity, activity and service) should be equally represented in the student’s individual two-year program.

  • CAS includes student reflection on their learning outside of class, documented using our online portfolio in managebac.
  • Grade 11 students should complete at least half of their CAS activities prior to beginning their senior year and complete the entire program by April 1 of Grade 12.
  • ICS Diploma students who join ICS in Grade 12 will be required to fulfill approximately hours of CAS activities, plus reflections, to graduate with an ICS high school diploma.
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Students who join ICS in Grade 12 will continue with their existing CAS programs.      

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program,

The IB Diploma Program is an internationally recognized university preparatory two-year academic program. Students in grades 11 and 12 are encouraged to participate in the IB Diploma Program, which challenges students to master content knowledge and to acquire advanced critical thinking skills. Students are expected to use their creativity, to be actively involved in community service, to demonstrate proficiency in conducting independent research, and to be reflective through a balanced interdisciplinary approach to learning.

The IB Diploma Requirements

Over the course of two years, Diploma candidates must complete the following:

  • A course in Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • The Extended Essay (a four thousand-word independent research project with an ICS supervisor.
  • An individualized program of extra-curricular learning achieved through Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) activities in grades 11-12
  • One course in each of the following six groups

Group 1:        First Language

Group 2:        Language Acquisition

Group 3:        Social Studies

Group 4:        Sciences

Group 5:        Mathematics

Group 6:        The Arts and Electives

Three subjects must be taken at a Higher Level (HL) and three should be taken at Standard Level (SL).

Students should choose their HL courses based on their strengths and interests. Humanities-oriented students may want to take English and History Higher Level classes, whereas a future engineer might want to take Math and Science Higher Level classes.

One course, Environmental Systems and Societies SL, is designated as both Group 3 and Group 4; it meets the requirement for both groups.

For their Group 6 course, IB Diploma Candidates can choose IB Visual Arts or IB Theatre or a second course from Groups 1–4. Some students have opted for a third language, or Geography SL. Students interested in engineering typically take Chemistry with Physics as their Group 6 elective, and students interested in medicine as a career are advised to take Chemistry with Biology as their elective, with one of them at the Higher Level.

For details on the recognition status of the IB Diploma and Certificates in the United States, Canada and/or other countries, please contact our IB Diploma Program Coordinator, Ms. Heidi Zickefoose, at General information about the IB program is also available from

ICS Modified Diploma Program

The ICS Modified Diploma Program is designed to meet the needs of students who do not intend to enter university directly after a four-year high school diploma program. In order to support such students, modifications may be made to our graduation requirements, assessments, and to actual course content. Note that the ICS Modified Diploma does not prepare students for admission to universities. Students in the ICS Modified Diploma Program will work with the Student Support Team and HS Counselor to create an Individual Learning Program (ILP) and to determine appropriate modifications in light of future academic aspirations and career goals. The HS Counselor will work with the families of such students to plan for appropriate post-secondary work or academic programs.

ICS Transition Diploma Program

The ICS Transitions Diploma Program is designed to meet the needs of Special Education Needs students to prepare them for independent life, potential career plans, and community living. The requirements of the program are individually created to meet the needs of each student. Students in this program will be required to complete courses in the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) Curriculum Guide under the three following domains: Basic Living Skills, Home Skills, and Community Participation Skills. The students’ Individual Learning Program (ILP) determines the exact number and which module a student follows in these particular course areas. Students in the ICS Transitions Diploma Program will work with the Student Support Team and HS Counselor to create an Individual Learning Program (ILP) and to determine appropriate modifications in light of future academic aspirations and career goals. The HS Counselor will also work with the families of such students to plan for appropriate post-secondary work or academic programs.

You can access the course guide HERE