Academic Program / Graduation Requirements

ICS offers four high school programs, designed to meet the needs of a variety of students

  1. Study within the college-preparatory high school program at ICS is focused on the objective of earning an ICS high school diploma. 
  2. Students may also attempt to earn an additional, concurrent qualification, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students who do not wish to attempt the full IB Diploma can still earn advanced credit from many colleges by taking IB Higher Level courses and scoring well on the internal assessments and IB exams. 
  3. Students with special learning needs may take the ICS Modified Diploma, which may allow them to enter Community Colleges after graduation but not usually university. 
  4. Students with a high need of learning support may pursue the Transitions Program, which focuses on building skills to prepare students for independent living. 

 Subject Area   

 ICS Diploma   

 Modified Diploma  

 Transitions Diploma  

English 4 credits 4 4
Social Studies 3 3 1
Science 3 3 3/4
Mathematics 3 3 3/4
PE / Health 2 2 n/a
Arts 1 1 n/a
World Languages   n/a n/a
Electives 8 4-8 n/a
Functional Living Skills    n/a n/a 4


26 credits



* .5 credits are awarded for successful completion of each semester of courses

IBDP graduation requirements are outlined below.


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