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Welcome to our High School Program

Welcome to ICS High School

Aligned with the ICS Addis mission, we strive to nurture, encourage, and empower students to find their passions and welcome challenges with open mindsets and positivity. Our learning environment is focused on the holistic development of every student using a highly effective and personalized learning approach as well as fostering social-emotional well-being and confidence.

Caring, experienced and enthusiastic faculty encourage students to utilize and refine key transferable skills (creativity, critical thinking and collaboration) and to recognize and apply core learning dispositions (resilience, inquisitiveness and compassion). Throughout their High School learning journey, students are supported as they grow to become independent, reflective learners who gradually take responsibility for their own lives and upon graduation, will leave ICS with the desire and capacity for making positive change in the world around them. 

Being an accredited international school, the High School provides globally recognized credentials to serve the aspirations of our internationally mobile students, affording them choice and opportunity to fulfill their post secondary pursuits.

The home and school partnership is an important component of helping ICS realize its mission and we look forward to partnering with you to create the optimal learning experience, deserving of every child.

"The reason that I like going to ICS is because of the teachers. They teach us until we get the concept. The teachers here are so supportive of their students. Sure they push us, but they push us because they believe we are capable of more." 

ELiana - Grade 12

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Parent- G11

I have found the community at ICS very welcoming compared to my previous school. You can easily make friends across age and grade levels. ICS is a really fun, safe and beautiful place to be.

Student - Daniel G12

Learning at ICS is not only about academics but also about fitting in the real world. The learning process is very practical and has helped me develop a clear conceptual understanding of the outer world. Daniel G11

Parent - Grade 12

Teachers are really helpful to the students; community and socialization here are fantastic! Mr. Jim Sarno, HS Parent