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Welcome to our High School Program

Welcome to ICS High School


The ICS High School program is grounded in our school’s Foundational Principles.  The ICS Way encourages us to engage as a community by caring for ourselves, each other, and this place.  Building from this, we strive to create a Highly Effective and Learning Progressive program based on each student’s personal interests and needs.  As students progress through their program of choice, they will be challenged to develop and demonstrate the ICS Learner Profile traits, so that once they leave ICS, they can thrive in our complex and ever-changing world.  

The high school years present tremendous opportunities and challenges for our students.  Our goal is to work together with families to support and guide our students to be successful no matter what ICS pathway they pursue.

Being an accredited international school, the ICS High School program provides globally recognized credentials to serve the aspirations of our internationally mobile students, affording them choice and opportunity to fulfill their post-secondary pursuits.

Please click here to view our 2023-2024 High School Profile, which outlines our program offerings, university acceptances list, and other key pieces of data.

"The reason that I like going to ICS is because of the teachers. They teach us until we get the concept. The teachers here are so supportive of their students. Sure they push us, but they push us because they believe we are capable of more." 

ELiana - Grade 12

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Parent- G11

I have found the community at ICS very welcoming compared to my previous school. You can easily make friends across age and grade levels. ICS is a really fun, safe and beautiful place to be.

Student - Daniel G12

Learning at ICS is not only about academics but also about fitting in the real world. The learning process is very practical and has helped me develop a clear conceptual understanding of the outer world. Daniel G11

Parent - Grade 12

Teachers are really helpful to the students; community and socialization here are fantastic! Mr. Jim Sarno, HS Parent