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Welcome to Elementary School

At ICS, elementary school students have a genuine enthusiasm for learning! As our students grow from the early years to be pre-teens, we help them learn the skills they need to be successful in their homes, communities, and at school. ICS has an outstanding program that encourages curiosity and supports our students academically, physically and emotionally.

We are a fully authorized IB Primary Year Program (PYP) school, implementing Professional Learning Communities (PLC), promoting personalized learning in which students learn according to their individual styles and needs.

With a research-based, high-quality curriculum and the collaborative PLC teaching teams, students are supported to make strides in gaining self-confidence, to develop a more mature, perceptive and imaginative way of thinking and to understand the world and people around them.  

Reach out to us at es.school@icsaddis.org. If you are interested in admission for your child, please learn more about the admissions process HERE. For more on the PYP, click HERE.

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ES Parent - Mr. Ibrahim

Our experience with ICS was magical. Our son thrived as a student and gained important tools in his personal development. It was all new for him - learning primarily in English, the opportunity to practice art and music, and participate in special projects. He loves his teachers and fellow students. We have witnessed a transformation in our son.

G3 Student - Daniel

ICS is easy learning. In Kyiv I spoke Ukrainian and Russian and I was a bit afraid when I came to Addis. But after four month at ICS  I fully participate in English classes and now start with French.

ES Parent- Ms. Ebenezer

The school has definitely made settling down easier for us in Ethiopia , especially the kids, they haven’t been hit by the transition much. The community culture which the school encourages is something I really enjoy.