Continuous Learning Program

Continuous Learning

The Continuous Learning Program/CLP is designed to ensure learning can continue when and if on campus learning is not a possibility due to safety and security reasons.  In the event that we need to move to off campus learning, our Continuous Learning Program will kick in.


Teachers will plan online activities and lessons for our students, following the all curriculum targets in place at ICS.

  • Online learning does not mean your child will be sitting in front of the screen all day, it simply means the tasks will be communicated with you through the internet. 
  • Considering the many time zones and daily schedules at play, ICS has developed an asynchronous approach to online learning, that is tasks will be posted and students may do them at a convenient time for your child and family. There may be times when the teacher connects with students in small groups in real time (synchronously) for various tasks and check ins, but our online learning is not sitting in front of the screen listening to a teacher. 

In the event of online learning through the CLP, principals and teachers will provide more information as to the specifics of the program based on grade levels.

Off Campus Disrupted Internet Personalized Learning Plans

In the event that ICS is required to close its campus due to security concerns, and that there is an Addis-wide internet shutdown, resulting in restricted communication between home and school, all ICS students should follow this Personalized Learning Plan. This is designed to engage students for 4 hours of independent and self-directed learning every day.

HERE are our Personalized Learning Plans.