Continuous Learning Program

Continuous Learning

ICS Continuous Learning is based on the ICS Definition of Learning to provide the best possible learning experiences for our students where learning is meaningful, authentic, reflective, and inquiry-based. Learning is strengthened by skillful use of engaging instruction with specific feedback and teaching students how to learn.

Blended Learning Approach

Given the current scenario, ICS will use the blended learning approach to deliver lessons, so that it is easier to transition between online and on campus learning when needed.  Blended learning provides a common approach to both online and on campus modes of learning, thus ensuring a consistent quality of learning experiences for students.

The What

Blended learning is the combination of actively engaged learning online and actively engaged learning offline with the goal of giving students more control over the time, place, pace, and path of their learning. ... Educators agree that each learner is different with unique interests, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. - Catlin Tucker

How does this approach look like in the classroom?

On Campus Mode:

The actively engaged offline learning is guided by the teacher/adults in the classroom and the actively engaged online learning is guided by "teacher curated" online resources for students to pursue on their own. 

Online Mode:

The actively engaged online learning is guided by the teacher/adults synchronously and the actively engaged offline learning is guided by "teacher curated" online resources/off-screen tasks.

How will we accomplish this?

Our teachers will accomplish this by ensuring equal access and opportunities for all students, developing and maintaining relationships with them, creating empowering learning experiences for them based on their needs, and by making evidence-informed decisions, and in the process, continually learning to evolve in their practice.