Learning at ICS

In the fast-evolving world that we live in today, the nature and type of skills and knowledge needed to survive as individuals and in society is changing faster than ever, and nowhere is the fast-changing context of our world more evident than in the world of education. New realities in the world are changing the way students will be expected to perform in the future.

The International Community School of Addis Ababa is committed to ensure that all students learn and engage at the highest levels. Our goal is for you to see evidence of your child’s positive growth and academic excellence in age-appropriate ways through every course or subject taken at ICS. As children find high levels of challenge and support here, we believe they will master essential standards and will gain both competence and confidence as learners and people.

The Learning Process

ICS Definition of Learning

Learning is an ongoing process in which learners acquire, develop and apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to thrive in, and contribute to, an ever-changing world.

Learning is optimized when it is

meaningful, authentic, reflective, collaborative, conceptual, transdisciplinary, active, personalized