Continuous Learning

These are certainly difficult times for all of us around the world.  Our Continuous Learning Program, makes certain that our educational program continues and curriculum targets will be met.  While this is a new reality for millions of families, students and teachers, we are committed to ensuring that all our ICS students continue to learn at the highest levels possible.

Teachers are planning online activities and lessons for your children following the curriculum structures in place at ICS.

  • Online learning does not mean your child will be sitting in front of the screen all day, it simply means the tasks will be communicated with you through the internet. 
  • Considering the many time zones and daily schedules at play, ICS has developed an asynchronous approach to online learning, that is tasks will be posted and students may do them when it suits them. There may be times when the teacher connects with the students in small groups in real time (synchronously) for various tasks and check ins, but our online learning is not sitting in front of the screen listening to a teacher. 
  • We recommend that you allow your child to interact with friends online and that you and your family establish an agreed upon set schedule. The best schedule should include a time each morning for physical activity. During our current school day, we call this time- Learning Readiness. The research proves that getting active for about a half hour, gets our brains ready for learning engagements. 

This is a new teaching and learning environment for all of us. We will be evolving our Continuous Learning program as we gather more information on what is the best delivery possible for student learning and engagement.


See the divisional guidelines for Parents/Students


Teacher Highlights:


Check out an overview video from Dr. Tim Stuart, by clicking the image below


There are a ton of resources about online learning and activities on our COVID-19 Resources page HERE.



Learning at ICS

In the fast-evolving world that we live in today, the nature and type of skills and knowledge needed to survive as individuals and in society is changing faster than ever, and nowhere is the fast-changing context of our world more evident than in the world of education. New realities in the world are changing the way students will be expected to perform in the future.

“The single most important purpose of schools in our era is teaching students to learn how to learn." Dr. Tim Stuart, Head of School

The International Community School of Addis Ababa is committed to ensure that all students learn and engage at the highest levels. Our goal is for you to see evidence of your child’s positive growth and academic excellence in age-appropriate ways through every course or subject taken at ICS. As children find high levels of challenge and support here, we believe they will master essential standards and will gain both competence and confidence as learners and people.

The Learning Process

ICS Definition of Learning

Learning is an ongoing process in which learners acquire, develop and apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to thrive in, and contribute to, an ever-changing world.

Learning is optimized when it is

meaningful, authentic, reflective, collaborative, conceptual, transdisciplinary, active, personalized

Professional Learning Communities at ICS: The 4 PLC questions

What do we want our students to know, understand and be able to do?

How will we know they know it?

What will we do if they don’t know it?

What will we do if they already know it?

"The school's range of programs - both curricula and co-curricula - offer opportunities for every child to succeed. The IB and PYP programs stretch and engage our students, and our talented middle school team are striving towards excellence in their professional learning communities to really meet the needs of every middle school student. With an engaging advisory program that incorporates social and emotional well-being, mindfulness techniques and opportunities for leadership and full group team building, I think we really offer something pretty special. " - Joanne King, MS Teacher