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Keeping the Wonder Alive at the Little Eagles' Nest

Friday, September 14, 2018

Right across the street next to the EC4 Gate of ICS Addis, there is a Nest, the Little Eagles’ Nest. It is a unique place where our youngest ones, the Early Childhood Learners, are nurtured in ways that shape their relationships with their friends, their environment and the outer world. From the first step into the Nest, one can feel the passion of the educators, believing in the young learners. “We strongly believe and project our firm trust in the children’s strength and worthiness,” explains Ms. Laura Jo Evans, aka LJ, an EC4 teacher and the EC Coordinator.

For Amanda Rogers, an EC3 teacher, the fact that the Nest is secluded from the rest of ICS in its own compound is never a problem. “Instead,” cheerfully explains Amanda, “It has helped the EC have a true feeling of a home away from home in which our children feel real sense of belonging as part of a little family.” In the Nest, the effect of having separate space dedicated to the growth of the children is evident. Children can run, roll, slide, ride, giggle and wiggle in their own space with no one invading their spaces and in the great care of their educators.

The Nest is not only a place to giggle and wiggle but also a place to research and inquire. “Every year and every day I come to school, I expect to be surprised by how capable and motivated the children are to inquire, explore and learn”, adds Laura. The whole EC team recognizes that the foundation for the long learning journey of each child starts in the Nest. Children learn to express themselves and value themselves and others in an authentic environment that feeds their curious, imaginative and honest spirit. 

It is out of this inspiration that the team interconnects with the rest of the ICS community through various inquiry learning experiences. With such great things happening in the Nest, the EC team aspires to Keep the Wonder Alive with the power and potential of young learners.