Leaving ICS

While we are sad to see you go, we are here to help you transition to your next school. The ICS registrar is available to provide the ICS school documents you need to apply to your next school.

Preparing to Leave ICS

Please notify us in writing at least two weeks before your last day, to allow us time to prepare for your departure. The notification can be done either by email to registrar@icsaddis.org or in person at the reception desk.

Applying to a New School

We are here to support your application to the next school, and provide any ICS school records, transcripts, standardized test scores and recommendations required to apply to the new school. We can also assist with proctoring admissions assessments required for the next school. Please email your request to registrar@icsaddis.org.

Please note that recommendations in particular can take time to complete, so we ask for at least two weeks notification. Any recommendation, reference or school form completed by ICS is confidential and is sent electronically to the new school by the registrar. We cannot provide open letters of recommendation, but are happy to complete recommendation forms for specific schools.

We encourage high school students to formally request their recommendations from their teachers and/or counselor. The high school counselors can assist them with this process. Completed recommendations will be returned to the registrar to be sent electronically to the new school.

Join the ICS Alumni Network

We consider any former student, parent or employee an ICS alumnus/alumna! Stay connected with us by joining the ICS/ACS alumni network here: https://icsaddisalumni.com/.

For Alumni/Previous Students

If you previously attended ICS and need school records or transcripts, please complete the request form HERE. The ICS Registrar will follow up with your request as soon as possible.


Withdrawal Processes