Leaving ICS

We are sorry to say goodbye to our wonderful students and their families!

Transition and change are hard, and we are here to support your move to your next school. Contact Mrs. Meheret Alemu, the ICS Registrar, at registrar@icsaddis.org to start the conversation. The ICS Registrar is your central point of contact for the withdrawal process, for obtaining any school documents and recommendations, and for proctoring admissions assessments for the next school. 

Please note it may take up to two weeks to provide school records and recommendations; recommendations in particular can take time to complete..

Applying to a New School

The ICS Registrar can provide the following ICS documents to your child's next school:

  • school records
  • transcripts
  • standardized test scores
  • confidential recommendations

ICS can also assist with proctoring admissions assessments required for the next school.


The ICS Registrar will coordinate any requested recommendation letters or forms. Most schools have online or PDF recommendation forms and these are preferred. 

  • send request to complete online or PDF recommendation form to registrar@icsaddis.org
  • registrar will liaise with teachers and/or counselors to obtain requested recommendations
  • registrar will notify parents once the recommendations have been sent to the new school
  • all recommendations are confidential and are sent electronically to the new school by the registrar
  • ICS cannot provide open letters of recommendation



Contact: Meheret Alemu, ICS Registrar


Withdrawal Details