How To Apply

We recognize the joys and challenges of transition, whether to a new school in the same city or to a new continent, country, culture and school. Our admissions team is here to support you through your family's transition, and we strive to make the process welcoming and transparent.

Please carefully review our admissions policy, admissions requirements and tuition and fees. We are available to answer any questions and to assist you through the process, from your initial inquiry to your first days and weeks at ICS. You can also review our frequently asked questions and request to connect with a current ICS family.

Online Admissions Portal

Applications and supporting documentation are submitted through OpenApply, our online application portal. We recommend completing the initial application form on a laptop or tablet, rather than a phone.

After submitting the application form, the Applicant Checklist will show the relevant admissions requirements for each individual applicant. You can also see all the requirements below.

Families who have applied to ICS in the past, or who have children already attending ICS, should log in to their OpenApply parent accounts and select "Add New Applicant".

Application Deadlines

Applications for the 2020-21 school year are open for international and transfer applicants. International applicants may apply throughout the year, with no application deadline.

Transfer applicants must complete the application requirements by 15 May 2020. Transfer applicants are those already living in Ethiopia; for more information on the transfer applicant policy, click HERE

Limited spaces are available for the 2019-20 school year, for international applicants only. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Applicants for mid-year entry will be wait listed until the school year has started; mid-year spaces cannot be guaranteed without full payment of the first semester tuition and fees.

Space Availability

Spaces may be limited in some grade levels; the admissions team can provide you with the latest information.

Space is limited in some of our student support services programs and any families with children who might need special services are encouraged to contact us early to determine if we can provide the appropriate supports.

Non-international student spaces are also limited, and some grade levels are full. 

Students on the wait list or in the wait pool will be informed. Wait pool information for students transferring from other schools in Addis is available here.

Admissions Decisions

After all admissions requirements are received, the Admissions Committee will review the applicant's file and provide an admissions decision, or request additional information. This can include internal and/or external assessments, applicant interviews or observations, additional information from the applicant's current school and any other information that allows ICS to make the best decision for the applicant.

If an applicant is accepted and a space is available, the family will receive an offer of acceptance requesting completion of the Enrollment Contract to confirm the space. 

If an applicant is accepted but no space is available, the applicant is placed on the wait list, based on the Applicant Priority Guidelines.

If the Admissions Committee determines that the school is unable to provide the appropriate academic program, supports and/or environment for the applicant, the family will be notified that the application is not accepted. The admissions team can provide recommendations for alternative schooling options in Addis.



Joining the ICS Community Means...


Vibrant international community
Parent networking
Campus access
Track, playground and cafeteria use
Sports pavilion rental privileges
Library access
Wireless internet on campus
Farmer's Market
Membership in the Parent Community Link (PCL)
PCL events and activities for the entire family


Admissions Requirements

ICS Addis values the school-family partnership and your transparency in the admissions process is the first step. Families are responsible for providing all requirements to ICS and omission of any information or documents related to the applicant's educational background or learning needs will impact ICS's ability to accept and support a student.

The Applicant Checklist in the OpenApply online portal shows the relevant admissions requirements for each individual applicant.

All Applicants


Online form completed in OpenApply online portal (includes uploading photo of applicant). First create your parent account and then click "Proceed to Application". 

Academic Requirements

Confidential Reference: confidential OpenApply form completed by the current classroom teacher (early years to grade 6) or by an administrator (grades 7-12). The teacher or administrator's email address is necessary to send the online form.

School records: may be emailed directly to by the current school, or uploaded into the OpenApply online portal.

  • current school year school reports: in English or a certified translation
  • school reports from previous academic school year: in English or a certified translation
  • explanation of the school grading system
  • any standardized educational testing (e.g., PSAT, MAP, ISA)
  • any learning support documents (e.g., Individualized Education Plans, information on additional academic support received, extra English support) 
  • results of all psychological or behavioral testing, or speech and language testing

Teacher observations may also be required for early years applicants.


  • passport*
  • medical report: to be completed by a licensed medical provider

*Applicants who are Ethiopian passport holders must provide a copy of their passport or birth certificate and a permission letter from the Ministry of Education General Education Inspection Directorate.

Application Fee

  • US$300 (Tuition and Fees): non-refundable and applicable for one year from date of payment. All tuition and fees are payable in hard currency only.

Upload documents into the OpenApply online portal. Please limit file size to 2 MB or less.


Grades 6-12

Students entering grades 6 through 12 may have placement assessments for math and world language. These can be organized at the current school, if your family is not yet in Addis Ababa.

The teacher or administrator's email address is necessary to send the online forms listed below.

Math Placement Recommendation (grades 8-12): online form completed by student's current math teacher.

World Language Placement Recommendation: online form completed by student's current world language teacher, if the student has been studying French or Spanish for at least one year and wishes to continue studying the language.

Transcript (grades 10-12): Unofficial transcripts may be submitted during the admissions process. Final, official transcripts must be submitted when available and are necessary for university applications.


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