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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

High School Principal, David Redmond

From High School Counselors

We hope you have some time this weekend to relax with your family. A very happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate.  

In grades 9 and 10 students have been working through the Safe Dates program as part of our child protection curriculum. Here is a link to some talking points that may help you engage with this very important topic at home.  In grade 9 we talked about caring relationships and dating abuse. In grade 10 we talked about gender stereotypes and how to respond to anger.  While many students are not yet dating, we want to support them in understanding what healthy relationships look like and what to do if they may be in an unhealthy situation.  We appreciate your support and offering your family’s frame for what safe dating may look like.  

In early December grade 10 and 11 students will receive their PSAT scores. We will be sending more information about how to interpret the scores and how to talk with your students about their scores.  We will work in advisory to ensure all students have accounts set up with the College Board so they can access scores and other resources that will help them.  

These final weeks of the semester can be stressful for students.  We encourage them to be balanced by getting plenty of sleep and exercise.  We also encourage students to be organized and plan how they will prepare for assessments and final projects.  Please talk with your students about how they will manage their time. We have an assessment calendar on Zimbra that they can show you. Feel free to use this as you help your students stay organized and focused towards a positive finish.

Yours in Partnership,

Jim and Alicia

School Photographs

Students may obtain a copy of their school photographs for free. If you or your child would like to have a school photo as a JPEG, please bring a USB drive to the High School Office and we will gladly give you a copy of the file!

No Campus Access for High School Students on Thursday and Friday, 24 and 25 Nov.

There are no activities for students on Thursday, Nov. 24 and the campus is closed to students. The campus is open under normal hours for students over the long weekend, Friday 25 NovemberSunday, 27 November.

IBDP Presentation for Grade 10 Parents

The coming weeks offer important steps in academic counseling for our high school students as we review results from the Progress Reports and help students to review their goals. We will also begin the long process of course selection for all Grade 10 students. We will offer an introductory session for all grade ten parents on Tuesday, November 29 at 6:30 pm. This meeting focuses on information about Grade 11 and 12 courses and all IBDP courses. Our counselors, IBDP Coordinator, students, Heads of Department, and CAS Coordinator will all be present to discuss the many diverse aspects of our program. Parents are a vital part of this process and are well advised to attend. As choices for students widen and university applications become more and more complex, it is absolutely necessary for all of us to remain well informed and connected. The choices that parents and our Grade 10 students make in collaboration with our counselors have significant implications on college admissions and future career plans, and so close communication between home and school on this matter is vital. Please make every effort to attend this information session.

Please continue to read the weekly Yezare Samint for important information regarding our high school program, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at for any matter pertaining to your child’s education.