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Thursday, February 16, 2017

High School Principal, David Redmond

ISSAA Championships

ICS athletes took home two local ISSAAA Championships last week in Boys Under 19 Basketball and Girls Under 19 Basketball. Thanks to our coaches: Kirstin Boutilier, Kyle Deuling, Nathan Weaver, Nick Madalinski, for leading our basketball teams to thrilling victories in a packed ICS Gym on Friday night! Go Eagles!

The Big Show

High School students once again present a variety show known as “The Big Show” as a culminating event of High School Spirit Week (February 13 – 16, 2017). This showcase of student talent is entirely produced by our High School Student Council (STUCO). It features acts from Middle School and High School student and is always a highlight of the school year. The Big Show raises funds for the Aleku Primary School Project, in Woliso, where we have been working for the past five years to enhance educational opportunities for local children. This year, the Big Show takes place on February 16 in the Amphitheatre. Tickets for this event are available from STUCO members and will be available at the door, so please pencil it in your calendars. I look forward to seeing you there!

Grade 8 Parent Night-Thank You

We want to extend a thank you to all parents of grade 8 students who were able to attend the "Welcome to High School" event on Monday night. It was a pleasure to meet you and we look forward to working with you closely as your students transition to high school.  We welcome all parents to access this link to the presentation to help guide your conversations at home with your students as they work through course selection.  Please don't hesitate to be in contact with our grade 9/10 counselor, Alicia Brown (, should you have any questions.

Grade 11 College Night – Thank you

Many thanks to those Grade 11 parents who came to our presentation on North American Universities. Please follow up with our Grade 11/12 College Counselor, Jim Barekman, for further information and details on this important subject. (

Grade 9 Parent Coffee: Course Selection

We invite grade 9 parents to join us on Tuesday, February 28 at 9:00 am in the Upper Commons to talk about course selection for grade 10. We will explore graduation requirements, how to keep doors open for the IB Diploma Program and have plenty of time to answer questions you may have.  Coffee and light snacks will be provided. We look forward to supporting you through the course selection process. 

ICS Internship Program

As part of the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) program in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Grade 11, we are offering the ICS Internship Program for the third year in a row. The ICS Internship Program provides students the opportunity to engage in meaningful non-academic learning experiences supervised by members of our community. This year, our Internship program takes place from March 27 to March 31, 2017.       

Internships, as such experiences are known, allow students to gain valuable real-world knowledge by extending their learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Internships usually seek to place students with a mentor outside of school who volunteers to supervise and instruct the student as he or she carries out duties within a work environment, normally related to a profession or career of the student’s interest. Many high school and university programs are moving to create such internships or co-op programs, which are comprised of a combination of career education and time away from class in a professional working environment. Experiences such as these provide students with “life lessons” that simply cannot be learned in the classroom. It is our hope that, by participating in the ICS Internship Program, our students will learn in ways that they might not otherwise have access to. (In many countries, adolescents take on part-time jobs where workplace skills can be developed over time. However for our youth, such lessons as these are difficult to come by, as most of our students are not legally entitled to work in Ethiopia). We very much believe in the value of experiential learning at ICS, and as with our Week Without Walls program, the addition of our Internship Program will extend and enhance our students’ education.          

I am reaching out to the members of our community for your support in creating what will no doubt become a mainstay of an ICS High School education and a model of home and school collaboration. In order to make this project viable, we will need to create up to fifty weeklong internships for our students. We will certainly be able to find internships for some of our students here at ICS, but we rely largely on the support of the community to make this a success.        

How can you help? If you own or manage a business, you could take on one of our students to assist you with a particular project. If you manage a local or international charitable organization, you could engage some of our students to work with you on a volunteer basis. If you are employed locally, perhaps you could collaborate with us to create a learning opportunity for one of our students. Embassies, NGO’s, various organizations can all participate. The range of internships includes positions in sectors such as IT, service and hospitality, charity, education, trades, finance, health, development, or entrepreneurial endeavors. The possibilities are limitless!

So please join us in this exciting new adventure in learning. Full details of the ICS Internship Program Guidelines and our online mentor application form can be found on our website, here. For further information or questions, please contact David Redmond, ICS High School Principal, or Ms. Tash McCarroll, ICS CAS Coordinator. Thank you in advance, and we look forward to working with you!

Upcoming events in the High School

  • The Big Show February 16 6:30 PM in the Large Amphitheatre
  • ISSEA Drama and Visual Arts February 22-26, Harare International School
  • ISSEA Band and Choir February 22-26, American International School Johannesburg
  • Grade 9 Parent Coffee February 28 at 9:00 in the Upper Commons

Please continue to read the weekly Yezare Samint for important information regarding our high school program, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at for any matter pertaining to your child’s education.