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Personalized Learning Experience at ICS

ICS is launching a new personalized learning experience the last 5 weeks of 2018-19.  Introducing PLEx

PLEx is the first step in allowing the ICS community to embrace the new ICS Addis Ababa Vision: “Our Best With Africa and Our World,” while engaging in the ICS Learning Process. The ICS community will develop a deeper understanding of what the ICS vision entails once students have an opportunity to share their learning and are able to articulate what “learning to learn” means.

PLEx is another step in building student agency in the ICS Learning Process. Students will have opportunities to develop voice, choice and ownership through the personalization of their learning.

PLEx has two major components: Pathways and Progressions


While all students will be on their own personalized learning journey during these five weeks, Pathways are a tool for sorting students, staff, and community members, as well as spaces to optimize learning. There are four Pathways grouped into areas of associated disciplines, while still allowing for a wide range of personal learning experiences. 
We believe all personalized learning ideas can be sorted into the following four Pathways: 

  • Learning to Participate: The Citizenship Pathway
  • Learning to Become: The Personal Development Pathway
  • Learning about Our World: The Systems and Structures Pathway
  • Learning through Exploration and Experimentation: The Expression Pathway


The progression of skills that will be used to assess the PLEx will be based on the Approaches of Learning (ATL) from the International Baccalaureate(IB). Through the use of the ATLs, students will develop the skills necessary to answer the four PLC Questions. Each of the ATLs will be broken into G1-10 progressions in order to facilitate student assessment and reflection. 
The 5 ATLs we will use are:

  • Thinking
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Social
  • Self-Management

For more information, please reach out to your divisional principals.

Be sure to watch this space for updates, highlights and celebrations of our students!

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