The Arts


The arts provide a forum for safe expression, communication, exploration, imagination, and cultural and historical understanding. Teaching students to be creative, like teaching literacy or mathematics, is a deliberate process, and the skills learned through participation in the visual arts are a vital ingredient in preparing young people for the challenges they will face in shaping the future.

At ICS, we believe every student should have the opportunity to receive a quality arts training, regardless of grade level, ability level, or background. The arts empower students to think critically and creatively, to contribute to their communities, and to communicate and lead confidently. Students who participate in the arts consistently score higher on standardized tests than students who do not.

ICS is proud to be an active member of the following international Arts organizations:  TAISM, AMIS, ISTA, IB and ISSEA.  All Arts programs are aligned with the National Core Arts Standards.  

Enrichment and extension Arts opportunities are provided in after school activities and international trips, helping create the best possible learning environment for students to pursue a life-long education in the arts. 




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