The Arts


At ICS, we believe every student should have the opportunity to receive a quality arts training, regardless of grade level, ability level, or background.  The arts empower students to think critically and creatively, to contribute to their communities, and to communicate and lead confidently. Students who participate in the arts consistently score higher on standardized tests than students who do not.

ICS is proud to be an active member of the following international Arts organizations:  TAISM, AMIS, ISTA, IB and ISSEA.  All Arts programs are aligned with the National Core Arts Standards.  

Enrichment and extension Arts opportunities are provided in after school activities and international trips, helping create the best possible learning environment for students to pursue a life-long education in the arts. 


Elementary School Program

Students in the Elementary Music Program engage in a variety of music experiences throughout the year to develop their music skills.  They are encouraged to sing and play classroom instruments in order to develop their enjoyment and appreciation of music. An emphasis is placed on composing, notation and actively listening to music. All Elementary students are given opportunities to perform in concerts, assemblies and community events throughout the school year. Grade 5 students participate in a band and choir program. Band instruments are provided by the school and students select the instrument they would like to learn.

Middle and High School Program

In Middle and High School, building on the foundational music skills nurtured in elementary, we aim to develop both the skills and conceptual understanding of music. Offering a rich, holistic music program, including Grade 6 Band, Middle School Symphony Band, Middle and High School Choir, Survey of Music, and Classical Guitar, together with enrichment and extension opportunities, such as after school activities and international festivals, we aim to create the best possible learning environment for students to pursue a life-long education in the performing arts.

Private Music Tutors


Middle School Program

A semester long course working towards performance, MS Drama offers students an opportunity to explore a range of performance skills. Through voice work, mime, melodrama and movement, students will focus on the Ensemble Approach to drama and devising theatre that is both relevant and meaningful to their lives. In a collaborative, supportive environment, students develop a wide range of theatre arts skills which will enhance their confidence, self esteem and performance abilities. Using drama as a lens through which to explore real life issues, they will also broaden both their empathy and understanding of the world around them.

Middle School Drama Production, Design and Stagecraft is offered to students within drama courses as well as in After School Drama Club productions, providing multiple opportunities for students to develop a range of production and design skills including set design, scenery and props; costume and makeup; sound, lighting and audiovisual techniques; backstage and front of house roles; and publicity.  By supporting year round performance events, students build their confidence and production skills, and provide a valuable service to their community.

High School Program

A semester long course based on the National Arts Core Standards, students develop a wide range of performance and production skills that prepares them for the IB Diploma Theatre program. Course content includes play analysis and interpretation of texts from an international perspective, theatre production techniques, and independent inquiry (research) projects culminating in devising original pieces for performance. Drawing on a wide range of theatre practitioners from Brecht to Augusto Boal, this course focuses on students creating meaning and relevance both within their own lives and connecting with wider global issues.


The arts provide a forum for safe expression, communication, exploration, imagination, and cultural and historical understanding. Teaching students to be creative, like teaching literacy or mathematics, is a deliberate process, and the skills learned through participation in the visual arts are a vital ingredient in preparing young people for the challenges they will face in shaping the future.

Elementary School Program

The year-long Elementary Visual Arts Program (K-5) is taught through six overarching themes.  As students explore these units of inquiry through the Visual Arts, they gain enduring understandings about the elements and principles of design, and build visual and analytical skills through discussions of art and aesthetics. Artist's Studies, Multicultural Art, and Art History form part of the program each year. Students learn how artists through the ages express themselves, communicate their culture, and record the world around them.

The Visual Arts program introduces students to a wide variety of media and techniques, including painting, collage, ceramics, print-making, textiles, 3-D sculpture and digital art. All students learn to assess and reflect on their own work. Students in upper elementary maintain sketchbooks and e-Portfolios of their art projects throughout the year.