ISSEA Hosting

ISSEA Basketball January 29 to February 2

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• January 29 to February 2, ICS Addis Ababa will be hosting the ISSEA Basketball Tournament. We are in need of families willing to host our 140 guest athletes from the 7 visiting international schools for their duration in Addis.

• For the past 21 years, ICS has had the privilege of sending its students to different parts of Africa and have been graciously hosted by school families in these countries. It is now our opportunity to reciprocate and open our homes to visiting Basketball participants.

• Each host family is committed to providing a safe, supportive and comfortable living environment. Host families volunteer to provide a bed, breakfast in the morning, a couple of dinners and transportation to and from ICS on all day’s participants are here.

• A sleeping bag on a floor mattress is appropriate if necessary

• Females will be hosted with female student hosts with the same practice for boys

• Students are hosted in pairs or more

•It is an expectation that participants from ICS that have traveled or will travel this year on international trips provide housing, but all student families are welcome to host our guests.

If you are interested in hosting guest athletes please fill out this form with your information.