ICS believes that athletics is a positive and powerful motivator for students to perform better in all facets of school life. Athletics is one way for our students to grow and mature as healthy, well-rounded and socially well-adjusted citizens. By encouraging commitment, determination and teamwork we feel that our students will benefit greatly as they will apply these skills in other areas of their life. We truly hope that the students will take advantage of the athletic opportunities offered to them in order to make their school career a richer experience. We have great sports facilities for safe and spirited play. 

Our Athletic program is open to students from grade 4 through grade 12.The objective of the Athletic program at ICS is to provide our students an opportunity to be involved in athletic activities in order develop a positive character-building experience outside of regular school hours. ICS's goal is to establish one of the most varied and disciplined sports programs in Africa, ISSEA and ISSAAA leagues with participants who value identify with and practice the Athlete Code of Conduct, below.

"ICS does an excellent job of organizing and taking part in community and sport events like ISSEA and ISSAAA." - Travis, G11 Student"

ICS students in all age groups (U12, U14, U16, U19) have the opportunity to compete in the eight school local league (ISSAAA) in Addis Ababa. Local schools compete in Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Track & Field and Cross-Country.

ICS Team sports are eligible to grade 4 through grade 12 students with 3 seasons of sports during the school year.  More information about the type and schedule of sports that are available will be distributed prior to each season. ICS works within the international and domestic league seasons which facilitates 8-12 weeks of practice and competition each season. ICS does not offer year round, one sport clubs at any age level.

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Weekly notes: 20 June

ASA End of Year Review

What a year, what opportunities were offered and what a fantastic school ICS has been in after school activities once again. Below is raw data which highlights these opportunities.


International Trips

This year ICS sent a record high 194 students on 14 International trips with 45 coaches/chaperones around the continent and beyond. All made it there and also returned too! Some a bit battered and bruised, but all with fantastic memories and performance high’s that were most likely the highlight of the school year also.


I would like to thank the students, the parents, the coaches, my ASA department and ICS administration for an amazing year once again. ICS is a unique and special place and I have been honored and lucky to have being part of programs where there is so much opportunity, development, excellence, joy and smiles during my 5 years here.

It is only when we are away from a place when we can really reflect and see the opportunities granted! Thank you all for playing your parts in the many pieces of the ASA jigsaw to make the athletic or activity program what it was for so many students here.

I have been so grateful for your support in every aspect of the ASA programs in these last years. Having been lucky enough to see up close our other ISSEA schools, ICS is in a very good place. We have terrific participation numbers and support from the whole community to its programs, that other schools just do not enjoy and that is so awesome here.

My family and I will always cherish our time, opportunities and friendships here-it has been incredible, challenging and inspiring. Go well, enjoy your summer, please stay in touch and always remember-once an Eagle…….always an Eagle….

Leagues that ICS participates in



The ISSEA shall seek to create, promote and foster cooperation among its member schools by providing a forum for communication and discussion, by promoting activities and by seeking to serve as an extension of each member school’s programs to enhance the development of the students, the schools and the organization through: Academic and intellectual pursuits, Sports competitions, Fine and performing arts activities and Cultural and intercultural opportunities.

The league includes the following schools:

  • International Community School (ICS), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • International School of Kenya (ISK), Nairobi, Kenya
  • American International School of Johannesburg, (AISJ), South Africa
  • International School of Tanganyika (IST), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • International School of Uganda (ISU), Kampala, Uganda
  • American International School of Lusaka (AISL),  Zambia
  • Harare International School (HIS),  Zimbabwe
  • American International School of Mozambique (AISM), Maputo, Mozambique



The International School’s Sports Association of Addis Ababa is a local athletic and extra-curricular association.  ICS is a full member of this 8 school association and is eligible to participate in volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross-country and track & field events.  ICS student athletes from grade 4 are able to participate in three sports seasons each year.  There are scheduled league and play-off games with the member schools. 

ISSAAA League members include:

  • ICS - Addis Ababa
  • Bingham Academy
  • Sandford English School
  • St. Joseph's Boys School
  • Italian Community School
  • Greek Community School
  • Andinet International School
  • German Embassy School

Click HERE to check out the league website for games and standings.

Athletic Code of Conduct

ICS Athletic Code of Conduct summary:

  • I acknowledge that maintaining academic standards is my first priority over athletic programs
  • I cooperate with my coach, my teammates & my opponents
  • I applaud all good plays ( of my own team & that of my opponent)
  • I work hard for my team and give 100%
  • I treat all players as I would like to be treated
  • I never argue with officials
  • I always compose myself
  • It is fun to be around my team, my coach and me

Athletics and Activities Form, click HERE