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Exciting Beginning to a Unique Year

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

With new teachers joining ICS from across the globe and ICS continuing its exciting journey of personalizing learning, the start of the new school year has started full of energy and inspiration. At ICS, We believe that  all students can learn at high levels and we have developed our program to ensure this happens.

“The first week was a time for the new teachers to settle into their homes, orientate themselves around Addis Ababa,  experience the ICS Way (to take care of yourself, each other & this place) and begin to fall in love with the rich Ethiopian culture.” Dr. Tim notes. “The orientation and workshop sessions are designed for our new teachers to clearly learn and understand the direction the school is going. As a leadership team and academic staff at ICS, we are deepening our commitment to Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and to answering the four essential PLC questions. Furthermore, during this year, we will explore what personalized learning is and how we can meet the needs of each and every child while making sure that every child learns at high levels.”

Teacher Reflections

I feel like I have finally found a school administration that makes me free to push the boundaries of education. I am really excited about trying new things with my students. I have found the people here warm, welcoming and supportive. The support services are really sensitive to our needs and make sure they are fulfilled. -Jay (MS Math)-

I loved the orientation. I have never felt this much loved before. The orientation has been really helpful in getting information about ICS. Apart from the fact that I have been unable to find the bakery around town, everything is going really well. -Tekia (HS, Math)

The school has been very welcoming, and my experience on my first week here is fantastic. The community is very friendly. I never felt out of place at ICS. Still trying to get used to the rain, I am enjoying meeting students and colleagues. -Amy (HS, ELA)-

Dr. Tim Stuart is a global leader in, and advocate for, PLCs and Personalized learning. For more information about PLCs and Personalized learning, checkout his interview with Tom Vanderark. In the interview, Tim discusses the significance of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Personalized Learning in 21st century education.