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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elementary School News – Michael Schooler, DHoS for Student Services & ES Principal

We want to thank you all for coming out this week to participate in our Student Led Conferences. As we continue to develop Student Agency (ownership for learning) in our students these experiences are crucial. It is appropriate that this month’s Learner Profile trait is “knowledgeable.” With fifth grade exhibition, student led conferences, graduations, and step up ceremonies it is a month of students getting to demonstrate their learning.

IB defines knowledgeable as a learner who: They explore concepts, ideas and issues that have local and global significance. In so doing, they acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines. Help your child be knowledgeable at home by talking about issues or topics from different points of view. Make sure they understand the values and beliefs behind your own point of view. Help them see how different “disciplines” like math, history, reading are needed to fully understand a significant issue. As we begin to wrap up this year we want to say thank you for all your support and enthusiasm for ICS and for your child’s learning.